How easy and simple to use an electronic signature? We will tell you on the webinar on May 22

    It is ridiculous, but many still consider electronic signature (ES) as something complicated, incomprehensible, unreliable and expensive. Not so all this! And at our webinar we will prove it. Signing electronic documents is easy and convenient. Especially with our EDSIGN :)  Of

    course, there are difficulties. When documents with electronic documents are used in existing paper processes. For example, for the accepted procedure for registering a document with the addition of a date and registration number in the text. When you add them, the text changes. This means that the signature is no longer valid. And we figured out how to make sure that the document is changed, and the signature remains valid.

    About how to use electronic documents in paper processes, we want to tell you at the webinar (May 22, at 10.00). And at the same time we will answer questions on practical use, including the legislative and regulatory framework.

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