New in the Cisco UCS Server Family

    Along with the release of the new line of Intel Xeon E7 v2 processors, Cisco has developed three new servers based on them: Cisco UCS C460 M4 Rack Server (4-socket, 4U rack-mount server), B460 M4 Blade Server (4-socket, full-format blade server) and B260 M4 Blade Server (2-socket, full-format blade server). The new servers are the flagship line of Cisco and are designed to solve complex corporate problems requiring work with large amounts of memory.

    The new models, like all Cisco UCS servers, initially implement the UCS Management solution and SingleConnect technology. Using Cisco UCS Manager, an administrator can programmatically simulate a desired server (define a service profile), and then create an instance of this server. In other words, server hardware is abstracted and modeled by software. The process of configuring and deploying new servers based on existing ones takes minutes. Using the UCS Manager management system and service profiles, you can move the workload to a more powerful server. To do this, just create an instance of the service profile of the previous server on the new server. This - a simple transition to a server of greater power - is the essence of the new concept of vertical scaling. Wherein,

    In addition to the Intel Xeon E7 v2 processor, the new UCS servers have other advantages that can be described as follows: horizontal scaling, horizontal scaling plus vertical scaling.
    Horizontal scaling. The characteristics of the UCS B260 M4 blade server are scaled horizontally to the following values:
    - 160 Gb / s I / O speed,
    - 1.5 TB memory with the ability to grow up to 3.0 TB,
    - 2 expansion slots and an integrated mLOM network adapter,
    - two 15-core Intel Xeon E7 v2 processors operating at a maximum rated power of 155 W,
    - innovative design (upgrading the Cisco UCS B260 M4 server to double computing power, memory, and I / O bandwidth by simply adding another UCS B260 M4 module and the scalable UCS M4 Scalable Connector).

    New server models:

    UCS B260 M4 server blade

    Up to 2 Intel Xeon E7-28xx v2 processors (up to 15 cores)
    Up to 3TB of RAM
    Up to 2x 2.5 ”SAS / SATA / SSD drives
    Up to 2x mezzanine adapters

    UCS server blade B460 M4

    Up to 4 Intel Xeon E7-28xx v2 processors (up to 15 cores)
    Up to 6TB of RAM
    Up to 4x 2.5 ”SAS / SATA / SSD drives
    Up to 6 mezzanine adapters

    UCS C460 M4 Rack Server

    Up to 4 Intel Xeon E7-28xx v2 processors (up to 15 cores)
    Up to 6TB of RAM
    Up to 12x 2.5 ”SAS / SATA / SSD drives;
    Can install 10 PCI-e adapters

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