Bountysource freeware development platform now works with Bitcoin

    Bountysource , an increasingly popular platform for public funding of free software development, now allows for settlements not only in dollars, but also in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

    Bountysource works as follows:

    • If you need a feature to appear in a particular software product or some defect to be fixed, you can declare a fundraiser for the developer who will take it. Perhaps, besides you, other people will donate money for this, and one of the developers, therefore, will get down to business faster, since it will be profitable.
    • If you want to make money, you can take up the implementation of features and fixing bugs yourself. Of course, the result of your work will become available not only for those who financed it, but also for the entire opensource community. Double benefit: you simultaneously expand your public portfolio (when hiring a large amount of high-quality open source code from your authorship can very well play in your favor) and get paid for it.

    I think that Bountysource and other similar platforms in the future will bring free software to a whole new level. In fact, this model can be so effective that at some point the need to buy proprietary software for most people will disappear altogether: because it will be so profitable for a professional developer to deal with OS projects that it will simply become their main activity, instead of work on proprietary projects.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Are you planning to finance the development of open source software with the help of such tools?

    • 58.1% Yes 100
    • 35.4% No 61
    • 6.3% Already financing 11

    Are you planning to work on tasks funded on such platforms?

    • 55% Yes 92
    • 20.9% No 35
    • 19.1% No (I'm not a developer) 32
    • 4.7% Already started 8

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