Viewaide: now also a web service

    Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
    We are pleased to announce the solemn (drum roll) launch of web service .

    Who are we? You can get clarifications here or visit our website .
    Why do I need a web service? This will be discussed.

    For a whole year we worked on software that recognizes symptoms of eye fatigue, as well as factors that can cause this fatigue. Aware - means armed, right? In this case, this is not entirely true. A preventive method is needed, something that will keep your eyes in good shape.

    After a simple registration on the site(which can also be done from the application), the user gets access to the web-functionality, he has a personal account, which stores all the important data collected by the application. Consider the work of Vasya.

    Vasya installed Viewaide and registered. He works as a programmer (web designer, tester, writer, anyone who is used to working behind a monitor). Worrying about the health of your eyes is one thing, but doing something really useful is another. It’s so easy to forget about such simple but important things. We are trying to solve this problem.

    So, Vasya is working, and does not notice how time flies. Periodically, he receives notifications from the application - he will either sit too close or blink less often (which causes his eyes to dry out). But that is not all. After long work, he will be offered gymnastics for the eyes.

    The thing is simple but useful, especially if performed regularly. Any ophthalmologist will tell you about this. We picked up several sets of exercises, making them short but informative. Vasya will be offered one of the complexes, illustrated and detailed in detail.

    After gymnastics, you can return to work, now with a calm mind. Breaks are needed not only for the eyes, but also for the head, why not combine useful things.
    The performed gymnastics is marked in the gymnastics calendar, and Vasya will always be able to find out how much he missed and how much he did. (In this case, the completed gymnastics is highlighted in blue).

    In his personal account, Vasya can also see interesting data collected by his application, share the deviation index with friends (no magic, in this case, the maximum possible indicator of the number of application notifications is taken as 100%, and calculated, depending on your numbers).

    Vasya is available statistics for any parameter that he wants, for any period of time. This is convenient if he wants to keep abreast of all events. The color on the graph indicates the characteristic of the quantity (from a poor indicator - “red” to an acceptable indicator - “green”).

    Use, test, criticize, offer, we will be glad to listen to everyone. Application updates are released as far as possible. We apologize that some reviews on the site have remained unanswered - our puncture. Well, now we have to go to work, there is still so much to do!

    I remind you once again that we are the Viewaide team, and all the gingerbread cookies are located on this site .

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