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Continuing the theme of the OS and these two posts: “Overclock of the brain or internal consciousness virtualization” , a patch for the consciousness hypervisor I would like to share my experience in this subject, as well as a little documented, but much easier way to “pump” my brain.


Down and Out trouble started

Interested in the topic about four years ago. It all started with the book of one of the trainers on this type of change in consciousness. The book, contrary to expectations, had its effect, and soon I experienced wasps on myself. Although, as I understand it now, this was more likely due to naivete in the topic, teenage impressionability and the fact that the first part of the book is devoted entirely to the motivation of the reader. Those. the author tells in the most colorful way about all the supposed advantages of wasps (starting with a jump in the development of a person with rocket speed, ending with access to unlimited information, etc., etc.). The jump in development did not seem to work out, and they managed to fly into the "phase" only ten times. From myself I can say, the quality of sensations is really
120% and higher

For those, then decides to try - a few recommendations for beginners:

  • Start with the “indirect” techniques! In fact, at first only they will give a result
  • The main thing is to "catch" and remember the sensation that precedes the OS, the so-called Sleepy Paralysis (numbness of the whole body and slight vibration through it). If you remember this feeling the next time returning to the “phase” will be much easier, even using direct techniques

I’m lost © Gadia

In this topic, I still wanted to share my discovery, which actually helps in life from a practical point of view.

I'll start from afar again. I have two problems in life - laziness and poor memory. In principle, this is a story about how the first won the second.

All that is described below is extremely subjective and is based on a meager description of sensations, which may differ depending on the characteristics of the individual.

Being an extremely lazy person, I practiced the bedtime phase, trying to get into it through direct techniques. Of course - due to lack of experience, I did not reach the goal. In the process, I often noticed that after prolonged relaxation, “flying”, “not falling” into the state of “phase” I was still thrown into a state other than wakefulness and drowsiness. It was characterized by increased imagination, and increased ability to concentrate. For example, focusing on an event that took place in my life, a year ago, I could remember in detail what I was wearing, what I drank, and eat, how much it cost. The details themselves are specified depending on the immersion in the state and the time taken in it, up to smells, newspaper headlines that day, etc. Here I want to introduce the term, let’s be the “State of Increased Concentration”. In fact, the SEC helped me find the silver chain that I lost when moving. In theory, in this way, you canremembering anything you want is a conversation that took place several months, even years ago, where those or other lost things lie, etc. I increasingly use this method to survive any event in my life.

For those who want to try

All my recommendations below are subjective enough that something may not work, something you will feel, perceive in a completely different way, but in general they should suit everyone.

For practice, it is better to choose the day previous to the weekend, because in the morning there may be a broken condition. Lie down in an uncomfortable position for yourself (for me, the “soldier’s back, arms at the seams” pose works flawlessly, close your eyes. Then just lie down and don’t move, don’t move at all. In the process, think about the event that you will remember. Lie so on average, it takes from five to 20 minutes. What you get into the state will understand right away - as if from a pipe in an aquapark with overclocking you got into a huge ocean. The most important feeling is that the darkness in front of your eyes will expand sharply, as if from a dark room, where nothing is visible you hit the same dark simple anstvo, but without borders If you are in doubt -. hit the state or not - so do not fall after this visualization turns to complete, you can immediately do what is intended..


Below I will try to limit myself to just a few points:
  • Logging into the SPK is much easier than using the OS
  • You can recall important information for any reason, for example, a long-forgotten account password
  • Can find lost things
  • Can be nostalgic with the “maximum” immersion. Want to relive significant, vibrant life events?

  • The condition is less comfortable than the OS - lying 1.2 rarely - 3 hours in one pose, in the mind, is tiring (and sometimes the nose itches)
  • You can not use the SEC "promptly" ie if you try to find the car keys hidden in the evening, in the morning, in a hurry to work - this will not help you
  • Insomnia - after you spent an hour in the SEC - it will be very difficult to fall asleep. I have the time to fall asleep after an average SEC session from 30 minutes to an hour.

It turned out a little messy, so I will be glad to answer any questions, see feedback, ideas on the application of this practice.
Thank you for your time and attention.

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