Find out the administrator password in the phone Grandstream GXP2124

    Today I ran into a problem: someone changed the administrator password for the phone. After reading the information on the network, I concluded that:

    • Change admin password; need admin password;
    • Reset the phone to factory settings, you need an administrator password;
    • Reflash phone - again need that missing password ...

    How to find a way out of this situation? Yes Easy!
    To “recognize” the password, I used the most common Google Chrome browser with Furebug components installed, plus another Grandstream GXP2124 phone, which I have access to.

    Further, the course of action was as follows:

    Launch the browser and turn on the Firebug utility, after which we begin to “walk” on various pages. The following was found in the request list:

    POST cgi-bin / api.values.get

    and in the body of the answer is listed:

    {"Response": "success", "body": {"vendor_fullname": "Grandstream Networks, Inc."}}

    Scrolling further, I found such a request:
    POST cgi-bin / api-phone_operation

    in the request of which the parameters were passed:

    cmd = extend & arg = & sid = 639534b3e5a

    What next? And then I go to the security settings and change the password on the phone, which I already have access to and look at the list of answers:
    POST cgi-bin /
    P2 = MyNewPass &: confirmAdminPwd = MyNewPass & sid = 639534b3e5a

    • P2 - transmitted administrator password;
    • confirmAdminPwd - confirmation of the administrator password;
    • sid - current session (it will not be useful to us).

    Further, having shown imagination, we make a request of the form:

    where is the IP address of the phone.

    Send and ...

    ... and get a JSON response of the form:
    {"Response": "success", "body": {"P2": "adminPass"}}

    where adminPass is the current administrator password.


    Regards, Andrey Helldar!

    PS: The chip described above works on firmware versions up to It was
    specifically tested on the software firmware version

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