Webinar Series on TDMS Fairway Technical Document Management System

    What are the challenges facing the technical document management system?

    Here are just some of the situations, tasks, issues and difficulties that project companies face every day:

    • It is necessary to search for actual drawing files on users' computers.
    • It’s impossible to complete the albums for the P and P stages the first time and without errors or it takes a lot of time.
    • Lost letters, responses to comments are prepared for a long time or not sent.
    • Making changes to the project, which was done a year ago, became a problem due to non-compliance with the standards for storing project files.
    • The composition of the documentation must comply with Regulation No. 87.
    • You need to run the project to work for a couple of hours.
    • It is necessary to urgently receive operational information about the readiness of the project, and no one can accurately answer the state in which particular tasks.
    • Accounting for the work of designers on the project is not maintained, or the accounting system is outdated and requires the presence of several additional specialists.
    • We need effective BIM management.
    • It is necessary to comply with guaranteed design standards.
    • It is necessary in a single system to effectively solve the problems of office and technical workflow and reduce the cost of their support.
    • It is necessary to reduce the design period by reducing the time for related and auxiliary operations.
    • There is no reliable repository for all projects, documents, correspondence, links.

    We invite you to a series of webinars on TDMS Fairway technical document management system. The webinars will demonstrate our approach to solving the above problems. Participation is free, registration is required.

    The first webinar “Technical documentation in TDMS Fairway 2.0. What is new? ”Will be held on February 19, 2019, at 11:00 Moscow time.


    The webinar will demonstrate the new features of TDMS Fairway 2.0:

    • Web interface.
    • Support of work on information modeling technologies (BIM), support of common data environments and the decomposition of information models.
    • Improving regulatory processes and making changes.
    • The mechanism of publications allows you to more efficiently prepare documentation for the release, for transfer for expertise, for development for subcontractors and for other purposes.
    • The ability to store documents of any kind - for example, regulatory and technical documentation, or Revit families.
    • Improved and more convenient processes work with templates of projects, works, documents.

    TDMS Fairway 2.0 is fully compatible with all previous versions and allows you to work with all previous project databases.

    The webinar is focused on managers of project enterprises, specialists of design departments, IT-service employees, as well as all those interested in the capabilities of the TDMS Fairway program.

    Moderator - Dmitry Maslov, project manager for integrated automation.


    Type of event: webinar.
    Date: 02/19/2019, at 11:00 Moscow time.
    Duration: 60 minutes.
    Venue: Internet.
    Participation in the webinar is free, the number of places is limited.

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