Raspberry Pi Compute Module: “raspberry” with the size of a laptop memory strip from the creators of Raspberry Pi

    Many wrote about Raspberry Pi on Habr, and that just did not create on the basis of this mini-PC. In fact, both the price and the functionality of the device are on top, which gives it well-known advantages.

    The other day, the developers of Raspberry Pi introduced a new product. This device / board is based on the Raspberry Pi, only smaller in size, with basic configuration. The new project is called the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. The size of this device is the same as the size of the RAM strip for the laptop. Only the processor, ROM and RAM remained on the "bar".

    Why is all this done? In order for third-party developers to create mini-PCs based on the central module, the functionality of such a PC is higher than that of the Raspberry Pi. For example, you can create your own tablet, netbook or board with specific functionality.

    To demonstrate the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the authors of the device released the Compute Module IO Board, an expansion card, with an HDMI / USB connector, a wireless module and other necessary modules.

    As soon as the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is connected to the expansion board, the system can work like a normal PC with good functionality.

    As for the configuration of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the developers left it the same as that of the Malinka itself, with the Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 processor 700 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB flash memory.

    The price of the device, if you buy in bulk at 100 pieces - $ 30. If you buy at retail, so to speak, then more expensive.

    Via raspberrypi

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