Javascript UPNP / DLNA Server

    For the reason “interesting”, in my spare time, I put together a simple upnp / dlna server. We could not find any written in javascript, but the idea seems interesting: one source code for all platforms (thanks to node-webkit ), javascript with all its advantages and disadvantages, as well as ease of assembly. You can easily assemble a project for all platforms in one of them. To do this, I wrote a python script that will do everything myself, even download the necessary node-webkit files. I wanted to reduce the number of gestures needed for those who want to contribute to the project.

    You can download it here , thanks github for returning the ability to store files. They know how to make people well. Some more text can be found under the cut.

    As a server, a young upnpserver project was used , which in itself is a finished product - a server with a command line interface. For the interface I chose reactjs and everyone’s favorite bootstrap. The ideas that reactjs is based on seem to me to be extremely correct. As I was convinced in practice, the intricate logic of the interface’s behavior is quite easily implemented and read later. The ability not to think about the state of the DOM, but to generate it every time from scratch in the render function, really greatly simplifies life.

    Now the project is at a very early stage, tested at the level - it seems to work. The main components are brought together, in order to add something you do not need to delve into the entire project code. True, there are a number of important functions missing, for example, the server cannot transcode, but the necessary module for nodejs exists.

    I invite everyone to join the development on github .

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