Vsonic VSD1 and VSD1S - the new leaders of the budget segment?

    To review audio equipment is far from a noble cause. Everyone has different musical preferences, hearing, perception. Moreover, the author of such an article cannot objectively talk about what he heard, because he is also a person. As a result, the User experience column was based on our blog, in which we will express our personal, subjective opinion on a particular product.

    Vsonic VSD1S and VSD1 hit the market in late 2013. Both models continue the ideas of the once famous flagship GR07 and GR07 Bass Edition. Let me remind you that the latter are some of the best “dynamic” plugs on the market. To prove this - the first lines in the ratings on head-fi.org and other specialized resources.

    ▐ Declared specifications

    Dynamic Dynamic (11 mm)
    frequency range 10 Hz - 22 kHz
    Impedance 32 ohm
    Sensitivity 110 dB
    Cable 1.3 m
    Plug 3.5 mm L-shaped
    Body material Plastic
    Wearing method BTE / Classic
    Despite the relative budget model, the headphones are delivered in a large box on a foam pedestal, which guarantees their integrity and safety during transportation.

    The package bundle is minimal and at the same time standard: a piece of paper with specifications, a bag for transportation, earhooks, replaceable silicone inserts and a clip (not in the photo).

    The plastic case of the headphones seamlessly transitions into metal sound guides.

    The sound guides here are not simple, but gold adjustable. Those. Thanks to the articulated design (movement in two planes), their position can be set according to the anatomical features of your ear.

    The feature is useful, but not without flaws. The position of the sound guide is quite easy to knock down, for example, when changing the liner or during careless transportation.

    The wire in a silicone sheath is confused, unlike the SoundMagic E10 . I did not test in severe frost, but at -10 the wire does not dub. L-shaped plug, after six months of use, there are no hints of tearing / breaking.

    I somehow completely missed the moment with the clip when photographing (everything is fine with it, it clings perfectly to the clothes and holds the wire), so I will show you the outside of the headphone case with the model name.

    When considering the convenience of operation, several more features pop up. The manufacturer positions both models as headphones with a classic landing wire down (although why then in the kit?

    But, changing the headphones in places (left to right and vice versa), we get headphones with a behind-the-ear fit!

    And having put on the earhook, we even get an excellent solution for playing sports, for example. As a result, we got some kind of universal, which everyone should like.

    The sound description is a subjective, as I said at the beginning of the article. My IMHO - it is better for this price not. My previous favorites were and remain the SoundMagic E10 , which I also wrote about a year earlier, but now Vsonic VSD1 S has joined them.. It is the model with the S index, since headphones without it have a bias in bass, which I did not like. But this does not mean that there are no low frequencies at all, they are in sufficient quantities for comfortable listening to music. Those rare "electronic" tracks from my playlist sound very cheerful and the bass is a little more than enough.

    You can listen to anything from the iPhone to a portable Hi-Fi player, in both cases the headphones will show themselves in all its glory. Unfortunately, the frequency response graph for these headphones could not be found. I repeat that the manufacturer itself positions the model without the S index as more bass (with a bias towards low frequencies).

    ▐ Results

    The Vsonic VSD1 and VSD1S are some of the best dynamic in-ear headphones I've had to listen to. Considering all the design features and sound quality, I would at all classify these models as mastheads along with the SoundMagic E10 in the price range up to $ 50.

    In Ukraine, you can buy them, for example, in the Era-in-ear store for ~ 500 hryvnias ( VSD1 , VSD1S ). On the territory of the Russian Federation, the purchase will also not be a problem, the average price is at the level of 1,500 rubles. And those same SoundMagic E10 which I mentioned several times will cost 5-8 dollars cheaper for the regular version and a little more expensive for the version for the iPhone .

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