Announcement! DevCon 2014 becomes an international conference

    Hello, dear software developers and testers. We continue to work on our DevCon 2014 conference and today we want to share the next details about its format.

    We are pleased to inform you that since 2014, the most resort and most interesting DevCon conference has also become international! This status means that DevCon goes beyond the borders of Russia and the Russian-speaking audience and expands its influence further to the entire interested world.

    Let's look at some of the features of DevCon 2014 that help make the conference international.

    International Track Report

    Becoming an international conference, DevCon 2014 should offer relevant content in English. And we are pleased to inform you that within the framework of the conference an international English-language report track has been formed with all the goodies that the rest of the tracks have: recording each report and broadcasting performances in real time to the whole world. At the same time, we will organize simultaneous broadcasting of videos in two languages: original English and with live translation into Russian.

    Of course, the remarkable opening of the conference, the plenary report, will also be broadcast in two languages, with translation into English for our international audience.

    The international track of reports will not only allow world experts to speak on various technologies, but also build a unified history of the latest trends, announcements, technologies of Microsoft for software developers.

    International speakers

    To organize an interesting conference for the whole world, it is necessary to invite world-class experts, well-known to the community of speakers and specialists. In further news posts, we will also reveal details about each of the speakers, and today I would like to inform you that at DevCon 2014, such experts as speakers will perform at the international report track:

    Larry Lieberman - the leading product manager in the Windows Phone team will visit us after the conference, Build will make a number of reports on the latest innovations of the mobile platform. Larry is an experienced speaker and is already familiar to the Russian public by speaking at our conferences, as well as at the largest Build and TechEd conferences.

    Announcement! Tim Hoyer- A leading product manager in the Windows team, which is developing a platform and tools for Windows developers. Tim is a veteran of software development, an active speaker, a participant in many conferences, including Build and TechEd. Tim will come to us with reports and the latest news from the Build conference.

    Announcement! Andrew Braggdon is the product manager for the Visual Studio Ultimate team who is currently working on the latest Application Insights tool. At DevCon 2014, Andrew will share his experience, breaking news and the most important details of the latest and most interesting products from the Visual Studio line.

    Announcement! Alexey Halyako- Microsoft program manager with over 13 years of experience, the last 5 years is an employee of the Customer Advisory Team, which focuses on building complex corporate solutions in such areas as well-known European telecommunications companies, air carriers and other industries. At DevCon 2014, Alexey will share with the audience his experience in developing sophisticated enterprise solutions based on the latest Microsoft server tools, such as SQL Server 2014 and the Windows Azure cloud platform.

    At the indicated links you can find the recorded performances of these experts and get acquainted with their past performances. Soon we will share in more detail, talk about each of the speakers on the international track, share the details of the topics of their performances. Follow the news!

    International community

    To consolidate the status of the international conference, we decided to invite not only world-class experts to take part in the conference, but also representatives of the international developer community.

    We are very pleased to report that dozens of European experts in various fields and technologies who wished to participate in DevCon 2014 as speakers answered our call to participate in the conference. We have yet to make a difficult choice, but soon we will introduce you to specific representatives of the community who will take part in the international track of the conference.

    In addition, as part of the promotion of the conference, we use our channels to distribute tickets for the conference among the European community of developers and expect the participation of a number of colleagues in the conference as regular participants. So do not be surprised that at DevCon 2014 you may meet guys from abroad who do not speak Russian. We are also building DevCon 2014 as a place where a community from around the world will be able to come together for communication. Be prepared to share your experiences with your English speaking colleagues.

    Conference site and promotion

    We have already begun, and will soon significantly increase the promotion of the DevCon brand in the international arena. Our goal is to declare DevCon 2014 as an important international event with excellent content and uniting the technical audience of many countries of Europe and the whole world.

    Of course, to promote the conference and its broadcast of reports to an English-speaking audience, we need an entry point in English - the official international site. And it was prepared by us and is already working at .

    Thanks to this site, we plan to implement ambitious plans to broadcast the conference content to tens of thousands of people who will connect to the conference online during both days of the conference.

    Welcome to the site! Explore, register, and learn the details of DevCon 2014! The site will be constantly updated.

    See you at DevCon 2014!

    We are working hard to make the next DevCon 2014 even better than the previous ones. Our team is preparing an excellent technical and entertaining program for you. We chose the perfect venue for the conference. And in the list of our speakers the most interesting experts with unique experience and content have already been announced. And he will be replenished weekly with new faces, so stay tuned!

    Last year, tickets to our holiday ended three months before the start. So do not waste time and register today !

    See you at DevCon 2014 - the first international - in May this year!

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