See closed profiles on LinkedIn

    I decided here the other day to look for my business partners on LinkedIn and found a small hole in the provision of information. The scheme works for small or related companies. So to speak, local Privilege Escalation inside LinkedIn.
    I apologize in advance to my colleagues at NETCUBE for using their profiles in the post.

    We drive into the search the right company.
    We go to the company page.

    On the right is a window of employee relations. Click "See All."
    We get a list of company employees and see that the profiles are closed from view, because they are outside the third circle.

    We go into the profile of interest to us and see "Other participants also watched."
    ABOUT! There are employees from the company list from the search page. Click.

    The profile is open. We repeat the operation and watch "Other participants also watched."

    Now you can establish a contact and see the profile without buying a premium account on LinkedIn.

    Something like that. You can test.

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