"I think JavaScript is not suitable for the web." 10 Questions to the Programmer, 4th Edition (from Berlin)

    This and the next few issues will be about the guys who live and work in Germany. The hero of this interview is Sergey Ermolaev ( Sergiy ), a front-runner from Berlin. He studied at the German Faculty of Economics and Law in Georgia. He began adminit network at the university, got carried away with Flash, with his help he adapted educational programs for kindergarten. Then he brought it to a large casino, where he rewrote a crookedly written roulette on Flash. He moved to Malta at the invitation of the Betsson Group, but after a year and a half he got bored and went to Germany to take AiComp to Germany.

    His path: Flash AS2 / AS3 → AngularJS → Angular / React / Vue → Kotlin (Spring Boot, Android, Angular), Flutter, C #

    1. Tell me about the feature that you have implemented and that you are proud of.

    Yes, it was such for roulette in a casino. There were several features at once. A whole canvas render for the game table: several "canvases" were superimposed on each other, with different transparency. It was quite difficult, because it was necessary to emulate a flash stack and somehow to combine it with HTML. Plus on top it was necessary to add sound. And so that everything works fine in different browsers, including mobile. In short, a cool solution turned out: with the generation of sounds from the folder, with the pick-up of all assets ... It took me about a month: it worked for 16 hours. They promised a premium, but in the end there was no money. It was the moment when I realized that I had to dump.

    2. And now - about the most fierce fakap.

    Yes-ah-ah. Also in the casino. At one time in Flash, I managed to stop the code. It so happened that the player made a double bet: he saw one chip, but in fact put two. And if he lost, he lost a double amount. It was also possible to win, but this is not often. Nafakapil I thousands of dollars. But they did not deduct from the salary, somehow everything was fine.

    3. Describe your working space: from the chair and monitor to programming environments and favorite utilities.

    Very German feature - a movable table, which can be adjusted height. And personally, I definitely need a 4k monitor, although in Berlin this is a pretty cool requirement. In general, I know little local guys who could ask for equipment for more than 300 euros. So I bought this monitor myself, just not to suffer.

    The laptop belongs to the company. This is a Thinkpad 470p with a larger battery, double the RAM. Such a workhorse that can not be broken. There's i7 inside, so I have enough power.

    4. On what basis do you choose a job? Stack, product, living conditions, money?

    Money is not the most important thing. I would perhaps agree to a smaller amount if there was a very interesting job. I generally have a problem: if the project is boring, not interesting, then a terrible depression begins. I fall into a stupor and can not do anything. So an interesting project is the most important thing.

    And surely the technology itself should be interesting to me. I would not mess with Java, Spring Boot. But Kotlin, yes - this is cool. It must be something from which you will draw new knowledge and experience.

    5. What would you like to fix in the technologies and languages ​​you use?

    Good lord Javascript Kill him. I think it is not suitable for the web. It must be sawed, sawed, sawed and sawed. Let's say a prototyping system. There are no regular classes. They are added to the new revision of ES6, but this is just syntax sugar. And there are very strange bugs: if you take the unit as a number and add it to the unit as a line and then subtract the unit, you will get a completely unexpected result. You may know all these nuances and you will never need them, but there may be a situation when the dick knows what is going on. There is even such a site js-shit - there are collected pearls from JavaScript, which can be obtained by accidentally shooting yourself in the leg.

    Well, that is, TypeScript or Flow is now solving problems. And I look at Google Dart positively - there are some very interesting features. But in the end you get JavaScript again.

    6. Where better to adopt someone else's experience - in high school, on konfy, on Habré? Somewhere else?

    Partially - on Habré. It is worth watching what people write, and be sure to read the comments. And be sure to go to the source code of projects on GitHub, which are more or less “with asterisks”.

    With books, everything is bad - very rarely you can find one where everything is no longer outdated. They can be suitable for beginners, because there is a lot of space allotted to how the technology works in principle. And if you already know something, then I would advise you to read the blogs of the evangelicals of the technology you use.

    But in any case, you will be fakapit at first, wherever possible.

    7. If you had unlimited resources (time, money, power, people), what project would you do?

    In space, would not fly, why Mars clog? But I would definitely buy a house in the village and plant flowers. An ordinary house without frills, with a small pool, maybe. I would drive the Georgian chacha at home. And yoga would do.

    They retire in Germany at about 65. And I have no particular plans after 40–45 to continue programming. Therefore, at this moment I would open a startup, start a business and didn’t go into it much - young people know their business better. And I would deal with flowers.

    8. How do you relax? What are you doing besides work?

    Now I do not rest at all. Does not work. I feel that I am starting to burn out, and therefore I leave for a month just a week after that. In Germany, you can easily take a vacation for a longer period. The main thing to warn at least a month.

    Now I am going to drive to my parents in Tbilisi: eat, sleep, can get to the end in Batumi. But this is not an active holiday, but such ... mandatory. And so in my plans Norway - I want to look at the fjords. Expensive, I agree, but I'm alone, so I can afford. And this is more for the winter already.

    9. Tell about 3 favorite books - educational, popular science and art.

    • I think you need to read classic books on good code. Gang of four (authors of the book Design Patterns - approx. Ed.) Must necessarily. But in general, I don’t see much sense in educational books, because what you read today is becoming obsolete tomorrow. Simply read the official documentation - will be the same result.
    • Scientist doesn’t really read, but I try to look at YouTube “Anthropogenesis”, where the guys are against alternative theories and try to tell how everything in science is in reality.
    • Fiction - “Chapaev and Emptiness”, Pelevin. I like Pelevin in general.

    10. If a consciousness wakes up right in front of you in AI, what will you tell him?

    I will try to find out how the integration of such intelligence with a living human individual will be possible. Is it possible symbiosis of two intelligences.

    A question from a previous guest: if your profession, the work of a lifetime, and what you feed your loved ones (family) one day were declared illegal, what would you do?

    Most likely I would try to change the profession. I see no reason to break the law. Programming is interesting, but it is not a matter of a lifetime. There are a lot of spheres much more interesting: chemistry, physics, mathematics.

    Bonus: ask a question to another developer

    Realize you are immortal or not aging, overcome the standard 70 years, two or three times, how would you live?

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