As a hybrid self-service cash register increases shop efficiency

    Hybrid ticket office is a relatively new self-service technology. It is already popular abroad, but has not yet received due distribution in the Russian retail market. We tell you what is interesting about the hybrid cash desk and how it increases the efficiency of the stores.

    What is a hybrid box office

    A hybrid cashier is a system that looks like a self-checkout self-checkout station , but designed to work simultaneously on it, both as a customer and as a store or cafe employee. The main task of the hybrid cash register is to automate cash settlements with customers in cases where the service process involves the participation of a store employee. A striking example is the format of trading across the counter.

    On the buyer's side, the system can be equipped with a display to display information about the composition of the basket, the amount of money deposited and the change. For receiving payment and issuing change, hybrid cash registers include cash handling components, including those with a recycling function, which significantly reduces the frequency of collection and replenishment of money in the device. The interface of the seller is represented by the cash register software that implements the functionality necessary for the work of the cashier (seller).

    All operations with the goods, its packaging, preparation and formation of the check are performed by the store employee, and the customer deposits cash and / or pays with the card. In this case, the seller does not work with money and focuses on customer service.

    According to the form factor, the hybrid cash register can be implemented in the following variants:

    • a single all-in-one solution built into the counter or service area;

    • a stand-alone all-in-one solution in the form of a two-sided kiosk;

    • modular solution - a stand-alone or embedded cash-reception module and a cashier's (merchant's) working terminal, allowing a more flexible approach to embedding the system in the cash zone.

    When choosing the configuration of the hybrid cash register, it is necessary to take into account many factors, for example, the size and shape of the sales area, the characteristics of the goods being sold and customer service, as well as the amount of cash payments and the intensity of the customer flow. Most often, the hybrid cash desk is used in stores with the “over the counter” service format, cafes, boutiques and other organizations where the seller’s participation in the preparation of goods and shopping lists is necessary, and the task is to eliminate its contact with cash, including hygienic considerations.

    Advantages of using a hybrid box office

    The accuracy of the calculations of the store

    Hybrid cash desk allows you to virtually eliminate the possibility of errors and fraud by the staff of the store when working with money. The seller does not have access to cash and does not participate in the calculations.

    Enhancing the security of storing money supply.

    Replenishment and collection are made by a dedicated employee, and can be organized through special cassettes that exclude access to cash even at this stage. This limits the number of personnel who have access to the money supply and complicates the access of unauthorized persons to cash - in contrast to the cash drawer that opens during each payment. The machine is not afraid of threats and raids.

    Accuracy of customer calculations

    The buyer sees the exact amount to be paid, and can choose a convenient form of payment (calculation). In the case of cash, an automatic verification of the authenticity of banknotes and coins, the recalculation of the amount received and the issuance of change are performed automatically. At the same time, the fraudster will not be able to “blurt out” the cashier who is tired by the end of the day, using manual dexterity and eloquence, and verification of authenticity signs will be carried out for each banknote and coin, and not selectively.

    Hygiene problem solved

    Hygiene issues are relevant to shops and cafes (including café areas in supermarkets and hypermarkets), where weights are sold, and cutting, packaging or cooking takes place directly at the time of sale. The seller does not have the same gloves in which he accepts payment to work with unpacked goods. Using a hybrid cash register solves this problem - both the buyer and the store employee can be sure of cleanliness.

    Savings on staff and hire

    An important problem in the work of a retailer is the selection of qualified, responsible employees. The very search, training and possible losses from non-professional actions are the cause of serious spending. And the salary of the seller, working with money, is higher in proportion to the arising duties and risks. With a hybrid cash register, the requirements for staff, their training, and at the same time, the wage fund are reduced. And the seller can focus on customer service.

    What to consider when introducing a hybrid cashier

    When planning to use a hybrid cashier in your store, you must consider the following features:

    • внедрение технологии повлияет на некоторые бизнес-процессы магазина. И его владельцу необходимо определиться с тем, кто, когда и как будет осуществлять управление наличными средствами, которые находятся в гибридной кассе. То есть, предстоит решить, кто будет контролировать денежные остатки, их своевременное пополнение и инкассацию;

    • не все покупатели сразу лояльно воспримут изменения формата обслуживания;

    • как и любое ИТ-оборудование, гибридная касса нуждается в сервисном обслуживании, при этом наличие специфических компонентов обработки наличности требует периодического ухода и определенной квалификации от сервисной организации;

    • As with any complex system, the hybrid cash register will not begin to perform all the functions expected by the retailer right out of the box. For full-fledged work, taking into account the characteristics of the outlet and the products being sold, adjustment and / or integration with the existing IT infrastructure of the customer will be required.

    If we talk about the cost of a hybrid cash register, then its price is comparable to the classic self-checkout (Self-Checkout), since both devices consist of similar elements: cash processing modules, control computer, information display screen, optional barcode scanner, CCT, banking terminal. But the software is somewhat different, and combines elements of software for classic cash registers and Self-Checkout.

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