Straight line with TM. v2.0

    Hello! Two months ago, we had a “ Direct Line ” in which you, dear users, could ask any questions to us, the employees of TM. Then the publication scored more than 300 comments, although there were not so many questions there - more reports of bugs, resentment about karma and arguments about design. However, we really liked the experience, so we waited for the new last Friday of the month (successfully skipping the July month) and are ready to talk with you again on any topic.

    Write to us in the comments any questions / ideas / suggestions on the work and existence of Habr, Toaster, Freelance, My Circle, and we will try to respond to them promptly. To make the task a little easier, you can ask a question immediately to someone (the best way to do this is by mentioning the form @ nickname):

    deniskin is a beauty blogger publisher of the project;
    buxley - technical director of the company, rides a 100km high;
    boomburum - head of the department to combat work with users, novice builder;
    pas - system administrator, stripping films from office equipment;
    illo - art director, secretly practicing watercolor;
    daleraliyorov- project manager, converts up to ten comments into tasks per minute;
    karaboz - the main one for “My Circle”, plays the harmonica (seriously);
    nomad_77 - the main for "Toaster", listens to scary music;
    salenda - the main one for “Freelance”, cares for office bonsai;
    VitalySorokin - a person (?) Who does not close tags when he imposes.

    All the cool last day of summer and a good weekend!

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