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    Every six months, NAUMEN conducts Java developer meetings — JUG.EKB. The next meeting will be held on September 13.

    We chose this date because September 13th is 256th day this year! And when else to gather at mitap, if not on your professional holiday? When, if not this day, listen to the reports, ask questions to the speakers, discuss with colleagues difficulties in work, get advice or help someone to solve the problem, and then stay together after the party?

    What is JUG.EKB
    Meetings JUG.EKB is not just new and relevant information for participants. This communication with non-indifferent to Java and new technologies, this easy dialogue with speakers and useful acquaintances!

    Here everyone can find a favor. Experienced developers will be able to ask difficult questions to speakers, take part in discussions, solve problems of their own projects, consult or, conversely, share their experience with colleagues "in the shop." Or even prepare your report and get a new experience! Beginner developers at JUG.EKB meetings will be able to find like-minded people, learn a lot of new things, understand what else they need to learn in order to grow as a developer.

    What are the reports in the program

    Deep links, strong drinks
    Andrey Chernoprudov (Naumen, Yekaterinburg)

    A report on the research and development of a seemingly simple feature: opening links. Let's discuss the full development cycle, starting from the depths of the complex backend and ending with the implementation on each client. Everywhere their rakes, pitfalls and crutches ... In general, as you like.

    API at the crossing does not change - how to build a stable API
    Alexey Stukalov and Yuri Artamonov (HAULMONT, Samara)

    Do you know the feeling when an update of a framework on a long-standing and stable project blows up the code and turns it into a red-crossed mess? As developers of the CUBA platform, we are painfully familiar. So, during the existence of the platform, she changed 3 ORMs, 3 major versions of Vaadin, not to mention the Spring Framework. At the same time, one of the tasks solved by the platform is to maintain a stable API so that our users do not suffer from the indicated problem and migrate to the latest versions of all the libraries used in the platform. We will share our experience in building an API, as well as techniques that allow you to solve problems with moving CUBA-based solutions to an up-to-date stack.

    When : September 13, Thursday, 19:30
    Where: Yekaterinburg, Titra loft, Lenina 50 D, 2nd floor.

    Participation, as always, is free, you only need to register .

    Join us on VK , watch videos from past meetings on Youtube .

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