To beautiful cities - a beautiful map

    One city in two months - at approximately the same speed, cities appear on the 2GIS map. So now we want to announce another one. But not the most ordinary.

    This city is considered a desirable place not only for tourists, but also for those who want to get there “where is better” (in fact, it is worth taking a closer look).
    The city that has the cake (in fact, no ).
    The city in which the bridge took away the fame of the Oktyabrsky bridge in Novosibirsk (in fact, a strange story ).
    The city in which the most delicious beer (in fact, someone likes German).
    The city in which you can check the clock on transport (in fact, yes).
    A city that ... you know, you can continue further, but most likely, many of you have already guessed that we are talking aboutPrague .

    The most quick-witted put forward a version about the imminent appearance of Prague after updating the mobile version:

    Now we can safely say that Prague is a city in which there is 2GIS (in fact, yes). As always, a detailed guide and a detailed map with 3D models are at your service. Famous “ Dancing House ”:

    People’s National Museum (thanks to rudomilov for the amendment):

    Troy Castle :

    Or even a TV tower (and why not):

    Speaking about 2GIS of Prague, you should understand that we are talking not only about the Czech capital itself, but also about 13 nearby cities: Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, Černošice, Choteč, Dobřichovice, Hostivice, Klecany, Libčice nad Vltavou, Mnichovice, Říčany, Roztoky, Rudná, Úvaly.

    Thus, Prague has become the third European city, where you can now safely go where there is 2GIS. If anyone missed, then before that there were Limassol and Venice .

    We also do not forget about the neighboring countries and continue to develop in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Anticipating the question - yes, Kiev will be. When - while it is not known exactly. But work is going on. The same can be said about Astana.

    So, today Prague is in versions: installed on a PC, for mobile devices (iOS , Android ) online . Naturally, for your projects in the 2GIS API .

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