Evernote Big iPhone Update: Offline Notebooks and More

    Unexpected New Year's gift! Santa Claus’s helpers from the Apple AppStore somehow managed to open for users the largest Evernote update for iPhone (version 3.2) that we have been preparing in recent months. There are really enough new products: offline notebooks that can be viewed without connecting to the network, increased speed, editing notes containing formatting, longer time for audio recording, etc. Well, besides now you can now issue or extend a premium subscription directly from the application for iPhone.

    Download Evernote for iPhone from the AppStore >>

    As usual, it is recommended that you restart your phone after installing a new application.

    Note Caching
    All notes that you create or view on your iPhone will now be cached, that is, you can access them later and without an Internet connection. This feature is available to all users.

    Premium function: offline notebooks.

    Premium subscription owners can now select certain notebooks (or all) and force them to cache: all entries in these notebooks will be available if there is no Internet connection. Click on the new “Sync” tab and select the appropriate item to configure this feature.

    The larger the notepad, the more time it will take for complete synchronization, but there is good news - you will have to do this only once. To speed up the process, it is better to synchronize via a WiFi connection. Please note that the application will not be able to download all your notes if you mark more notebooks than the free space on the phone allows.

    [Important: If the size of notebooks for offline storage is not correctly determined on your phone, delete the application from the phone and reinstall it again.]

    Issuing or renewing a premium subscription from the application

    Get a premium account to try out all the new features, or extend the existing premium Subscribing is now very easy - right from the new Sync tab.

    Grand dictation
    The latest version doubled - up to 20 minutes - the possible time for voice recording.

    Local Search
    Search now works offline, so you can search for notes in favorites, cached entries, and offline notebooks. If you have an Internet connection, the application will automatically extend the search area to all notes - both on the phone and on the server.

    Editing formatted text

    If you start editing a note that contains formatting, pictures or attachments, you will be given the opportunity to add new text directly to the end of the note (as before) or make a copy of the note without formatting (in this case, the original note will be placed in the trash if you suddenly want to restore it later).

    New Sync Tab

    All synchronization and account management functions are now combined in one tab, where you can monitor the status of all synchronization operations in real time.

    Search during synchronization The
    notification "Synchronization is already in progress" no longer appears at the most inopportune moment. At last.

    Quick transition to all notes The

    new "All notes" button allows you to return to the general list of notes from the search results or filtered records collection with one touch.

    Speedy breakthrough
    Every aspect of working with Evernote for iPhone has become much faster: launching the application, searching, synchronizing, taking notes, viewing, etc. Our goal is to make sure that you don’t think about speed at all, and this version is a significant step forward.

    Additional Languages
    Evernote for iPhone is now available in English, Russian, French, and German with limited (but rapidly improving) support for Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

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