Firefox 3: Released !!!

    The long-awaited final release of the Firefox 3 browser took place. Basically, the development years went into polishing the Gecko engine, making a total of 14,000 updates to it. The main objective of the developers was to improve the performance and stability of the program. Judging by the latest release candidates, the developers quite coped with the task. Firefox 3

    Increased stability and performance are not the only advantages of the new product. In Firefox 3, much attention is paid to security, even better protecting the user from malicious software, unbelievable scammers, evil sites and other misfortunes.

    Of course, Firefox 3 has made a lot of usability improvements. I will concentrate your attention on, as I think, mainly. A new address bar with intelligent sorting of bookmarks and history has been introduced, a new file download manager has been developed to support downloads, password management has been improved, additions have been simplified, page scaling has been improved, tabs have been improved, and several bookmark system improvements have been made.

    As regards performance and stability, here it is first of all worth mentioning an improved JavaScript engine capable of processing JS applications 2 times faster than Firefox 2. Now complex sites built on AJAX work an order of magnitude faster. Secondly, the work with memory has been improved, eliminating hundreds of small problems with its leak, and the caching system has been improved. The reliability of storing user data (bookmarks, history, cookies and settings) has been improved, even in the event of a failure, the data will not be affected.


    - Yandex version : Windows , Linux , Mac (online)
    - Yandex version for Ukraine : Windows , Linux , Mac (UAIX) (online)
    - original version for Windows , Linux , Mac (online)

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    upd : something ftp-shnik mozilla lay down. as soon as mirrors appear - I’ll add links to the topic.
    upd2: removed direct links, now the links are nimble :) + link for Mac
    upd3:warned that officially we would find out about everything no earlier than 21:00 Moscow time
    upd4: so far I removed the text about innovations. we will attach it and a beautiful hat at 21 :)
    upd5: think before you minus, ok? -)
    upd6: I trust softpedia .
    upd7: added links to Yandex versions of firefox for Russia and Ukraine (UAIX)
    upd8: here it is officially. RC3 became the release, as I claimed today. should everyone ashamed of me be ashamed now? you can still download what was available half a day.

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