Today is Firefox Download Day

    Let me remind you that in order to help Firefox set a world record and become the most downloaded program in 24 hours, you need to download the Firefox 3 release from the official site once during Download Day 2008, i.e. today !

    Users who have made promises on the program’s website should receive email notifications with more detailed instructions in the near future.

    At the moment, more than a million users from different countries have promised to download Firefox 3, including almost 30 thousand users from Russia.

    Details on spreadfirefox .

    The second part
    The first part of

    ZY The day has come, and FF3 has not yet officially been released. It's a shame, gentlemen!
    upd: And here is the ff3 release (14:00)

    The official time of the start of the action:
    Download Day starts on June 17th at 10 am PDT. Check this out for local times:
    Russia - Moscow Tuesday, 21:00

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