Python-digest # 4. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [November 23, 2013 - November 29, 2013]

    Well, this time release without delay. From internal news: axce1 made the initial version of automatic posting in juick - so that all jabber lovers can read the latest news announcements here . there was also an attempt to post on twitter, but the account was blocked after the first 7 posts - for some reason they didn’t like twitter.

    And thanks to the efforts of the owlman user , who for some reason is not on the hub, we have a wonderful logo.

    Articles and interviews

    Books and documentation

    • Think Python A
      free book from the series “Learning to Think Like an IT Scientist” by Allen Downey

    Interesting projects, tools, libraries

    • Flask-GoogleMaps
      A set of views and template tags to facilitate integration with GoogleMaps
    • PyBitmessage
      Implementation of the P2P protocol for sending encrypted messages from one point to many recipients.
    • pylibftdi - manage devices via USB
      Minimal bindings to the libftdi library providing API access to devices connected via USB
    • responses - from questions must be answered
      Dropbox is an open source library that allows podstalyat mock-data in response to requests from the library requests
    • importd - micro Django
      Something like syntactic sugar that reduces the number of manipulations needed to create pages in Django and write applications in Flask style while maintaining backward compatibility.
      router application. It can both redirect remote procedure calls to their handler applications and also serve as an intermediary for the messenger / subscriber-based messaging system.


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