Do you collect gadget artifacts?

    We have been friends with Beeline for a long time. At one time, they even did a joint tariff - “Doctrine 77” was called. Now EkaterinaTurtseva has arrived to visit, we will talk about gadgets.

    I keep the old models, recharge them. I have done a whole prevention for them, because they are connected with the history of my life. For example, I trepidly keep Philips Xenium - a clamshell with a frantic battery for those times, which really held a charge for 2 weeks. Few people know that some venerable Europeans did the design for this model. And when in Spain I came under a punishing hand and was left without money, documents, this one phone was. Good thing he held so long.

    Here is another interesting device with a characteristic pattern:


    But this gadget for me for 10 cents, the masters did, assholes:

    Shot from the Super Manager

    About dragon

    The story with him is this: when the first iPhones appeared, I naturally fell victim to Jobs's charm. I had an iPhone, another two, in my opinion, then three. And so I carried, so my iPhine to the jeweler. And I say: “Make me a case. So I brought you a double-closing cover from the "Pinkies". Measure and cut the gum, and make it like an old grandfather's cigarette case. ” They took it. What is surprising? That after some time my daughter and I went to pick up work. So they, in addition to casting a massive silver cigarette case, made a sapphire on top of the dragon. I say: “Guys, how much do I owe?” - "10 kopecks." And they didn’t take it anymore.

    Why am i collecting them

    A gadget is more than a piece of iron. There are also personal contacts, and a music folder. I even remember, I suggested making a program at the time, “My Favorite Songs” or “Flash Drive” is called. The idea was this: you are calling a person to you, and you are watching with him what is in his “Favorite Music” folder. And with each melody is connected some kind of story from his life. So I always suppose that “Matia Bazar” has an album “Aristocratica” - I went to the army under it.

    I give old phones and give them to children when theirs break, but then I take back these historical gadgets so that they do not kill them. After all, one way or another, every gadget is connected with something.

    I have always envied people who have been walking with one worn phone for years. They go with him, they’re talking straight to them. They have all the contacts in it, and they, despite the broken glass, continue to talk, although they can afford another, new one. Or it happens, people wear some old Samsung: colorful, ugly. I know an example: an adult man, already bald, wears a pink Samsung, a folding bed, cannot refuse it, because it is convenient for him to open it with his mouth in the car.

    And I'm like a maniac. When the new model, I’m on fire to test it somehow, to do something, to master it.

    By the way, for which I respect Euroset, they never asked me to lie in advertising. They give the model, and you take the phone, you install it honestly, watch how the signal receives, how the loop antenna works, how the battery behaves - and so for several days. I carry out a full cycle, that is, I completely discharge the batteries, everything is as it is written, as it should be. I do everything with the phone that a 10th grader usually does when he receives a new gadget as a gift. That is, I’m throwing, if on Android, my favorite tunes, my favorite movies. Then I rewrite the contacts by hand. It’s easier with the iPhone, iCloud is there, that is, it’s easy to drop everything back and forth. For me, this is a kind of meditation before shooting commercials.

    How did it start

    My first gadget was a Casio watch. There was a notebook and a calculator. In those days, it was space. I bought them for a portion of the fee from some scenario. In general, I always loved watches, and now I have many watches. This is such a mania of hoarding. There are “weekend” hours that are for shooting, there are those that I will distribute to children later, and there are simply loved ones. For example, Oksanka and I have the same pebbles, they seem to be modest, but accurate, and the mechanism is wonderful - ET-750 with improvements. Pocket watch is, 3-4 pieces. Grandfather gave me the first hours. His arch exploded, whether it was Glory, or Victory, or Rocket. I put them under the pillow, they gurgled there. It was, of course, something.

    The first phone was Ericsson. From the magazine "Capital" they gave me. In those days, it was also a luxury. Then I already bought my Nokia 3210, then I went through all Nokia practically. You can’t go through all, but the basic models. Then I got Ericsson in such a rubberized metal casing. Between them, I basically had Nokia - 8800, 8810. Two zeros with two batteries, the battery went down there, as a result, in Cyprus, in irritation in Cyprus, I broke it on a rock - I got tired of charging it three times.

    About children

    People often ask if I give phones to children. And with children it’s simple. They were already born in the era of gadgets and do not romanticize them. Of course, they first go through the stage of toys and evasion from their mother’s eyes in order to secretly play to drooping cheeks and red eyes. Then the stories on Vkontakte, on Facebook, girls-boys, communication. Then it also fades away, is minimized to a certain extent, there is mail and some kind of social network where you systematically support your audience.

    About the collection

    Well, and if it’s interesting, I’ll show you my collection of phones and generally tell you what gadgets and devices I have and where.

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