Jokes from QIWI Support Operators

    All characters and situations are real. Recorded by QIWI customer support operators.

    A: subscriber; O: operator.

    A: Hello! I didn’t put the money correctly, it means I’m a moron and EVERYTHING ?!

    A: You didn’t pay through the QIWI terminal! (For the 10th time)
    A: I have at least a watermelon! What do you feed me with your fruits !!!

    A: Girl, I put it to you yesterday, but today I have not fallen!

    A: Name your provider.
    A: How do I call him, I call from the apartment ....... A

    : Did you pay through the QIWI terminal?
    A: (aside) Hey mother, she wants a kiwi, doesn’t say anything on payment!

    A: Did you pay through the QIWI terminal?
    A: Oh yes! Through your alligator!

    A: You called the unified help desk of the QIWI payment service ....
    A: To Kiev? And I thought you were a Muscovite, so speak correctly.

    O: terminal number.
    A: What is the crime?

    A: It says on the terminal that it doesn’t work, but I still tried it, the money sucked in, but it didn’t fall on the balance.

    A: I put my money there where “Take a check” is written.

    A: Girl, well, nobody picks up the phone there !!!
    A: Where are you calling?
    A: Well, you said, look at the terminal number, I’m calling him, and there no one answers!

    A: You mistakenly paid for “Download”
    A: What snack, I didn’t order anything.

    A: Girl, do you have a delay?

    A: Please indicate the terminal number.
    A: So-so-so-so, so-and-so-and-so-so ... ... do you have a specific terminal number or can I have a TIN?

    A: Did you pay through the QIWI terminal?
    A: A?
    A: Did you pay through the QIWI terminal?
    A: How do you know this?
    A: was the orange bird on the terminal?
    A: Ah, there was some kind of ginger pterodactyl.

    A: Girl, please transfer 5 rubles to me.
    O: You called the unified help desk of the QIWI payment service, we only provide information on payments.
    A: Yes, I do not ask the company, I personally ask you, as a person of a person, well, at least 5 rubles, I will honestly return it later.

    A: Hello, your personal assistant ....... I am listening to you.
    A: And when will the one that succeeds you come?
    A: What do you mean?
    A: I don’t like your voice here, I want one or the other ....

    A: When did you make the payment?
    A: December 32 A:

    Where did you read the phone number of our help desk?
    A: A friend gave.
    A: Hello, I’m generally not calling for payment here, I just don’t know what to do ... and then I remembered about you ... A

    : Hello, your personal assistant ... ... I'm listening to you.
    A: Our dealer has disappeared, does not bear rent, call him.
    A: I do not have information about the location of the dealer and his phone number.
    A: And if he disappeared? Type of rental I will not see?

    A: What is the receipt number?
    A: Che, because of 100 rubles I will look for the receipt number?

    A: Why didn’t you put money on my phone? !!!

    A: You did not make the payment through our terminal; you need to call the phone number indicated at the bottom of the receipt.
    A: Yes, I know, but they don’t pick up the phone, but they pick up from you. I'll call you, can I?

    A call to the night shift .......
    A: Girl, I'm a watchman in the store. Your terminal blinked now and turned off, the timer began the countdown !!! What to do????!!!

    A: Girl, I accidentally paid for the QIWI help desk phone 8-800-333-00-59.
    What to do???!!!

    A: Did you make a payment today?
    A: No, a little earlier ....

    A: Girl, transfer the payment to me faster, I will send you a chocolate bar via SMS.

    A: What should I do, I paid for Nokia, and a Samsung SIM card?

    A: What is the receipt number?
    A: I can’t, I’m in the forest, it’s dark here. I need to call a taxi to take away the boar, which I failed. I put 5 rubles in the hollow, but the taxi doesn’t go ... maybe the squirrel stole money?

    A: I threw out the receipt, but I need it. I got her out of the trash, she is a little dirty and therefore they did not accept her in Beeline.

    A: How much does your terminal cost?
    A: Do you want to purchase a terminal?
    A: No, break up.

    A: Do you have a receipt for payment?
    A: I tore it to pieces, but I can collect ... A

    : Have you saved the receipt?
    A: Yes, she was, but her child ate me.

    A: What is the phone number you paid for?
    A: 6300 .... Nokia A

    : You made a mistake in the number?
    A: Yes, we sent my grandfather to pay ... but he threw up something incomprehensible.

    A: What is your service provider?
    A: Yes, we are always in touch.

    A: I do not like being thrown for money. And you threw me, and for 20 rubles.

    A: If I incorrectly dialed one digit in the number, will the money come to me ???

    A: Girl, I put 10 rubles on the phone an hour ago, they never came. Tell me, please, is it connected with Shrovetide?

    A: How much did you deposit?
    A: Three pieces of paper.

    A: My daughter didn’t pay correctly yesterday, because she was distracted with a man ...

    A: and if I go, I’ll put something else, will something come for me ???

    A: Hello girl, until I call you, the money does not come to my account, and immediately after the call. So I decided not to wait, but to call right away.

    A: Call phone number
    A: Now I’ll open the contact and see.

    A: What is the payment date?
    A: Yesterday, February 19 (and today March 22)

    A: I did not pay the number correctly. Why didn’t the terminal tell me that the number was dialed incorrectly?

    A: Girl, on the 26th I sent to this number !!! A:

    Terminal number
    A: Record: QIWI!

    A: Girl, money has come to me. Now I will always put it on you ....

    A: The girl was in trouble with me.
    A: I'm listening to you !!!
    A: I’m very uncomfortable, probably you have never heard of such a thing ....
    A: I am listening to you.
    A: I incorrectly paid the number .......

    A: Girl, I put a whole bunch on the phone !!!
    O: (just a mute and a quiet tantrum ……….)

    A: Hello. My name is Tatyana Ivanovna!
    A: I'm listening to you.
    A: My dog ​​gnawed a receipt ..............

    A: Hello, your personal assistant ... listening to you!
    A: My dad went to pay for the phone and did not return. Girl, please call him, please.

    A: Ale! Operator. I threw THERE, I’m losing my sitting ARRIVING waiting !!! Assistant well, when the COMING will be !!!

    A: What is your mobile operator?
    A: My operator, well ... a red egg ........
    O: Perhaps you have a MTS mobile operator.

    O: Have you got your receipt?
    A: Almost.

    I hope that on Monday evening you have a little better mood.

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