The book "Branding and identification of the present and the future"

    The “hard” edition of my debut book “Branding and Identification of the Present and the Future. Therefore, now I can, with a clear conscience, lay out the “manuscript” for general use. If you are interested in branding, marketing, identification - welcome to issuu . The book was written a year and two months ago, and during this year much of what was given in the book as a forecast for the future became a reality. This book is not a textbook. Rather, easy reading, written in a complex language. As an author, I sought to give the reader reason to think, rather than offer answers to questions. Judging by the reviews of many readers, I did it. And then, a review and official information. About the Author: Yaroslav Trofimov, Founder and Director


    inspire metamarketing , specialist in branding and marketing, designer, artistic director.

    Publisher's abstract:
    In the book, the author describes his vision of the process of evolution of the consumer society over the next 10-15 years, shows promising business models, tools of competition, dangers and opportunities for the coming information society.

    The author offers a classification of promising and effective marketing and branding tools for the near future, as well as examines in detail the issue of media evolution within the framework of convergence theory, and how all the described processes will change consumer behavior and business functions.
    Deeply explores promising approaches to brand identification in the modern world and the near future: visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile branding and many other new features.

    Review by iderins :
    A month ago, in Odessa, I conducted a training in the territory of the branding agency inspire.metamarketing. There I brazenly messed up and received a copy of this book as a gift from Yaroslav. I must say that at first I was very skeptical: she looked thin, about a hundred pages in a brochure (4 times thinner than in the “photo”), when opening it tries to sprinkle, flavored by sponsors, lost external fields ... Plus, my personal acquaintance with the author constantly endowed readable lines with the voice, intonations and manner of presentation of Yaroslav. But "there is no prophet in his own country." Leafed through in short, tried to read. It was hard. Put it off.

    But a few weeks later, when I needed to go to Lviv, I took her on the road. And there, on the road, I literally bite into it. I am not an expert in branding at all. And this is definitely not my profile. But I’m very close and understandable everything that Yaroslav spoke about in the pages of the book. She expressed much and much that I myself was thinking. And that did not occur to me yet.

    I can’t say that the book “changed my life”. But she made me think. So much so that I decided in many ways to act very differently. About work, about plans, about priorities, about the strategy of my business. The future is near. It is inevitably coming. We all do it. Right now. Whether we want it or not. Do we want to hold on to the “understandable past”, or boldly go forward, opening to change. Our place in the future depends on us now.

    In short, my subjective summary:

    It is clear that the book is addressed primarily to marketers and developers of branding systems. But it will be useful to all those involved in business. To all those who do not think "just now." To all those who ask the question “what will I do in 5, 10, 15 years?”.

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