DIY quest

    Routine. Day after day we do the same things. We go to work or study. After we go to the store, we take beer or juice and, tired, we go home to rest. Arriving home, we read Habr, we watch TV and dream that the wife \ girl \ mother was at least a little silent. Surely writing about it is much more unpleasant than actually testing, but everyone needs variety, whether it be a movie, billiards, bowling or shopping.

    Quest. An adventure that requires the player to solve mental problems to advance the plot is just a treasure for lazy people. Thinking with pleasure is the goal that all quest creators have.


    Mobiquest relieves people of  routine , helping to create “live” quests using their platform. You only need to come up with a scenario for your adventure, and the platform takes care of the technical part.


    Any scenario is a general idea, separate tasks (puzzles) that need to be performed in stages or differently, and tags that help you navigate the quest.


    Each scenario begins with an idea. For example: “ In the footsteps of great writers .” The adventure goes through the houses or places where Russian writers lived and visited.


    Next, prototypes of tasks are strung on the idea. There are three main types of tasks (everything else is a combination of them):
    1. Research . The participant needs to find information.
      For example:
      In the house of Leo Tolstoy in the courtyard, an important principle is written that the writer followed throughout his life. What is this principle? ";
    2. Competitive. The participant needs to complete the task as quickly as possible. For example:
      Count the chairs in Bulgakov’s house. You have 2 minutes for this task ”;
    3. Rebuses. You need to solve the riddle.
      For example:
      I erected a monument not made by hands.” In the museum of the author of these lines you will receive the following task . ”


    After that, we revive the invented script by adding tags.
    A label is a noticeable object or inscription that you can catch on when drawing up a task or responding to a task. For instance:
    • What is written on the 3rd pillar of the Bolshoi Theater? "
    • From a tree with a hollow in the form of a maple leaf, take three steps to the North and dig

    Technical implementation

    After that, Mobicvest platform comes into play . Important steps when creating an adventure (tabbed):

    Information Tab
    • Adventure Code

      Required for participants to participate in the adventure. Sent via SMS or driven into the appropriate field via the web interface ( , )
    • Type of adventure

      Quest - you need to compete with other players and solve puzzles. Associated with moving around the city;

      Quiz - a competition with other players in which you need to answer questions is not related to moving;

      Excursion - a game with an educational bias. You need to answer questions related to the venue of this type of adventure. Associated with moving.

    Script Tab

    Here you need to enter information that will come to the participants at the very beginning of the adventure, and at the end, when they will complete all the tasks.

    Tasks Tab

    The main part of creating an adventure. Here, the author contributes all the information that he came up with in the second and third steps of "creating the script."
    There are two types of tasks:
    1. Photo tasks - as a response, the participant must find, photograph and send a specific object or image specified in the task.
      Example: “ Find and photograph a picture on column 5 on the right .”
    2. Text task - as an answer, the participant must find the answer to the question indicated in the text of the task.
      Example: “ Find a black door near the museum entrance. What numbers are written on it? "
    There are also some features to consider:
    • For passing the assignment, you can assign any number of points;
    • The task can be attached to the map;
    • It is possible to add a hint to any text task so that the participant does not lose interest if he cannot pass the task;
    • A participant can skip a task if he cannot complete it;
    • The number of attempts to complete the task both before and after the prompt can be limited;

    In general, this ends part of the creation of adventure. It remains only to click "Publish" on the tab "Publish", and you can begin to go through.
    click tracking

    Quest Example - HTC Quest

    From December 10 to December 12, 90 people ran around Moscow, completing tasks within the framework of the quest HTC Quest , jointly organized by MobiQuest and HTC .

    Preliminary stages

    At the preliminary stage, there were 16 adventures and 8 ciphers.
    • Ciphers - tasks that could be performed without leaving home. Associated with HTC and the Android platform.
    • Adventure - tasks for which the participant had to go to the city.
    • Photo tasks - tasks in the city, in response to which we took photos.

    The main communication tool between the platform and the participants was a special widget located in the blogs of partners, such as , and .


    With his help, the participants:
    • Checked in on an adventure;
    • They took tasks;
    • Tracked rating.
    All tasks and answers can be found here .

    We also wrote a small reminder widget:


    The final

    There was one task in the final. The top 20 participants got into it according to the results of the preliminary stage. Regardless of the number of points that the finalists scored at the preliminary stage, the final adventure everyone started from scratch, i.e. were on an equal footing.


    You can read about it and see the photo here .


    The main thing is that, despite some incidents at some stages, everyone enjoyed the adventure. In blogs and after the quest about him there were only positive reviews.

    Equally important, we were able to test the technology. Everything works: it means that tasks are taken, passed, and automatic statistics are kept on them. And all this is displayed both on our website and in widgets that can be installed anywhere. Say no to the routine! Create and complete quests with us!

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