Three types of internet users

    Somehow there was no Internet in the office, but to compose an initial plan for promoting the resource was a matter of prime necessity, I had to independently divide the great and powerful users into three types: beginners, middle users (middle peasants, it sounds ugly) and advanced.

    Newbies- these are users who visit classmate’s sites to see what's new with Vasya’s ex-boyfriend, email ru - to send a letter to Vasya’s ex-boyfriend, and sometimes, when thoughts still move away from Vasya, read news sites and recipes sites, since Vasya loves goodies and there may be another chance :). Contextual advertising for such users should lead to a specific product or topic on the site, they themselves do not know how to search for the necessary information or simply do not want to. Banner advertising can be about anything, the main thing is fascination, this type of user has not yet been saturated with the Internet and clicks on all sorts of beautiful things.

    Middle Usershave already re-read all the news, found a description of the desired phone and reviews about it, and the working day has not yet ended, and they are looking for something new and interesting. For such users, you can do all kinds of quiz with prizes in order to help them spend their time :) They read blogs - so posting paid posts, I think, is also an option. Contextual and banner advertising should be original, because they have already seen a lot :), now they can be attracted only with originality

    Advancedusers clearly know what they need and where to look for it, how to tell others about it. They don’t click on banner ads, but contextual advertising is only suitable if he definitely needs the subject of your advertising campaign. But they are happy to read analytical articles on thematic resources with the pros and cons of your product. Well, they will also throw friends into ICQ in a funny original video, because rest from analytic articles is also a must :)

    Of course, types can intersect, but given that I am interested in all three types of users, I drew a picture of what to do and what to show.

    I do not argue that my division may seem delusional to someone. But these are my thoughts, so I see the Internet;)

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