Personal account for dealers in 5 minutes

    About 3 years ago, once again faced with the IT backwardness of one of the suppliers of my online store, I thought about how to fix it. It was a supplier of Malaysian furniture, who completely refused to inform us normally about current stock balances and prices. All information was provided “by call” or, at best, once a week by e-mail. And warehouse stocks changed every day. Of course, working with such a supplier was extremely inconvenient, but we could not refuse it, he had exclusive goods at very attractive prices.

    All my suggestions to automate the process of informing dealers were followed by the answers: "expensive", "difficult", "now there is no time for this." As a result, I came up with the idea of ​​an online service that would allow suppliers to create personal accounts for their dealers CHEAP, EASY, and FAST!

    For more than two years the idea was “gathering dust on the table”, and then we finally decided to implement it. So at the end of last year, the online service was born .

    In short, the service allows suppliers to create a portal for their dealers, where current stock balances and prices will be presented. For each dealer, you can individually configure access rights to groups of goods, types of prices and stock balances. In addition, dealers will be able to form and send orders to the supplier directly in the service.

    Really in 5 minutes?

    I made a short video about how a supplier using to create personal accounts for their dealers. The whole process, including registration, took me 5 minutes. Of course, an untrained user will need a little more time, but nonetheless ...

    For those who have no time to watch the video, I bring a phased timing.
    • 0 min 42 sec Registration and email confirmation;
    • 0 min 52 sec Entering company information;
    • 1 minute. 47 sec Data processing setup and file loading;
    • 1 minute. 24 sec Invitation to the dealer and setting access rights.

    In my example, the supplier stores stock balances and prices in an Excel file (it is assumed that he received this file by uploading data from his accounting system, for example, from 1C) and manually uploads it to the service. Surprisingly, at the moment, most users do just that, although it is possible to automate this process (in fact, this is the essence).

    What dealers can do

    Now, in his personal account, the dealer will see information about the supplier’s goods, current stock balances and prices. Of course, not all information, but only the information access to which is authorized by the supplier. For all the data, you can see the date of their last update, which allows you to evaluate how relevant they are. Of course, a quick search is provided, which makes working with data simple and convenient.

    In addition, the dealer will be able to send orders to the supplier directly from the personal account, using the well-known principle of the “basket”.

    If the dealer renames the goods during the sale to end customers, he will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to upload his own product range to the service and associate it with the supplier’s goods. After that, you can use your names to search for data, which greatly simplifies the work.

    And advanced users will be able to synchronize the supplier’s data with their own website . To show customers the latest information on the availability of goods, hide products not available from the supplier and / or automatically adjust prices on the site. But this is the story for a separate article ...

    In secret

    In fact, "dealers" can do much more. In their personal account, they will be able to collect information from all their suppliers, both represented on , and not represented. Dealers (online stores and not only) can use in general without the direct participation of suppliers, independently uploading price list and balance files to the service. This will allow you to collect all the information in one place to maximize the capabilities of the service!

    By the way, the division into dealers and suppliers is conditional. Each user can act in one or another role, and even in both at once.

    About service development

    We are looking for partners and look forward to any mutually beneficial cooperation. For example, we are ready to offer an affiliate program for 1C franchisees and other integrators who are ready to connect their customers to our service.

    We need an employee to help tell people about us. We are confident that we have a cool product, we use it ourselves. But so far few people know about him. We are looking for a person who is ready to comprehensively solve this problem, who is able to think adequately and who knows how to correctly express his thoughts on paper. Such a person is NOT required to work in the office, this can be done remotely. If you are interested in such work, send your ideas and resume by personal message or on


    I would like to thank the administration of Habrahabr for providing a free corporate blog in the framework of the “Help for Startups” program. Our service does not yet bring money, and such help came in very handy. Thanks!

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