Announcement of the sixth meeting of Java User Group EKB

    Hello, Habr!

    JUG.EKB - Yekaterinburg Java User Group, at JUG.EKB meetings we discuss various technologies from the Java world, share experiences and drink coffee in the name of Java!
    We regularly hold JUG.EKB meetings with lectures by Java experts on the most interesting topics (and yes, we record videos of each meeting!).
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    We invite all java developers to the sixth meeting of JUG.EKB!

    This time the meeting promises to be especially interesting, so we will have as many as 3 speakers, and with very diverse topics!


    1. Andrey Kargapolov, Naumen, “Optimization of GWT applications”

    GWT allows you to write client code in Java, while Java is automatically translated into Java Script. But there are various features and pitfalls that need to be considered when developing.
    In his story, Andrey will share his experience in optimizing and tuning the GWT application.
    The following issues will be raised:
    - analysis of the volume of the client code of the application
    - minimization and optimization through GWT compilation keys
    - comparison of resolving dependencies in runtime and at the compilation stage
    - dividing the client code into parts and their deferred loading

    Andrey is an expert in the field of Java application development, experience development 9 years. He has a Ph.D. degree at the junction of mathematics and programming.
    Andrey - Naumen chief software engineer, head of the Chelyabinsk development group, is involved in development and optimization of Naumen Service Desk 4.

    2. Dmitry Polishchuk, Yandex, “ Kotlin + Android: practical educational program”

    The whole world is waiting for the release of the first version of the new programming language from JetBrains called Kotlin. But in the world of mobile development for Android, we expect it with even greater thrill. This language already solves a large number of our tasks, which are solved by standard means not very beautifully or non-trivially. Using the standard Kotlin language library, we get rid of all that baggage of java scrap libraries that we were forced to drag from project to project. Kotlin has great potential for development in a reactive paradigm, which is now constantly gaining popularity throughout the industry, including in the development of mobile applications. But since new language and the community is very young, then all the bumps are not yet full. I’ll talk about pitfalls when writing UI, reactive programming, DI and why even now you can switch from Java to Kotlin for Android. The report will be interesting not only to mobile developers, but also to everyone who is interested in modern JVM languages

    Dmitry Polishchuk - Yandex.Taxi developer. Has been involved in software development for 10 years, mainly in embedded and mobile applications. For Android, it has been writing since the very first SDK was released. He came to Yandex in 2015, participates in the development of Taxis and other interesting projects.

    3. Alexei Ragozin, Deutsche bank, “What should every Java developer need to know about networks?”

    TCP has been around for over 30 years. Network communications are an integral part of almost any modern application. However, network programming continues to be a zone of problems and dangers. But despite the simple interface, programming “sockets” is far from an easy task.
    The topic of this report is the “proper” use of TCP / IP and the Java socket API.
    Do you know what happens when the socket is closed? How do TCP options affect performance? What exceptions can a socket throw in Java? “Not sure, then this report is for you.”

    Alexey specializes in the development of highly loaded distributed systems based on the Java platform. For more than 10 years in the industry, he has gathered experience in developing information systems in such verticals as finance, telecom, e-commerce and healthcare. From 2009 to 2011, he led the practice of implementing in-memory data grid solutions at GridDynamics. In October 2011 he moved to Deustche Bank, where he is a leading specialist in the field of distributed caching technologies. He is an active participant in Russian conferences on software development and high-performance information systems.

    4. Afterparty (the place is specified)

    The meeting is free, you need to register .

    Videos from past meetings can be viewed on our youtube channel.

    We are waiting for you on February 11 at the Sol Coworking (Khimikov Lane, 3rd, 4th floor), starting at 19-30.

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