The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 136 (January 11-17)

    To summarize the first working week of this year, promo codes finally appeared on Google Play, determined the situation with the development of enterprise applications, again disassembled Cordova and developed a framework for iOS. Interesting projects for you in the new year!


    The bitter experience of creating a gaming company

    This may sound strange, but investing and enthusiasm is not enough to create a business. In this article I will give some useful tips for developing the project, which were given to me through bitter experience.

    21 free training resources for game developers

    The Internet is full of content creators, and everyone wants to attract attention. But, oddly enough, a good learning resource is not easy to find, and free is even harder.

    2015 Results for Android Developers

    The year turned out to be quite eventful not only for ordinary users who received a large line of new devices, the new OS version - Android Marshmallow and many changes in the design of most popular applications (Material Design continues the onset), but also for Android developers who felt no less significant changes in the working environment, libraries, and design patterns.



    Windows (Phone)


    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    Devices and IoT

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