Black Friday not only on Steam, but also on

    Of course, the main trading platform of the Internet could not stay away from traditional black Friday sales and for almost a month now has been displaying profitable lots on the windows. And tomorrow we are waiting for the apogee of shopping bacchanalia.
    In particular, Amazon Digital Services can buy digital copies of games and games on physical media for desktop and consoles with significant discounts.
    for instance
    Max Payne 3 + Season Pass [Online Game Code] $ 6.99
    Bioshock Triple Pack (1,2,3) $ 14.99
    Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code] $ 7.49
    Battlefield 4 [Download] from $ 34
    Firaxis Complete Pack [Online Game Code] $ 19.99
    Dishonored - PC $ 7.99

    Some more interesting lots

    MIMO UM-710S USB Powered 7 "
    $ 109.00
    Swivel LCD Screen Mini Display ( review )

    Nokia Lumia 520
    $ 59.99
    unlock codes on ebay ~ $ 5 free
    (review by Y. Market )
    AAXA KP-100-02 P2
    199.00 $
    battery powered pico projector,
    20K Hrs LED Life, Mini-HDMI,
    Mini-VGA, Media Player
    Bracelets Nike + FuelBand from $ 150.00

    The Connect SanDisk's
    ~ $ 49.99
    the Wireless the Flash Drive 32GB
    Wireless USB flash drive

    Fitbit One Wireless
    from $ 89.88
    Activity Plus Sleep Tracker
    day and night mobility sensor

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