Mac Switchers / For those who are older!

    My news, news is perhaps only for me! For everyone else, this would seem like the next, slobbering post of a new switcher! But I really want that in fact it was not so! For two weeks now he has been standing on my desk - he! A long-awaited friend and ally - iMac. Days go by and I do not stop finding for myself more and more new possibilities of this work of human thought! Nevertheless, I have not had time to get used to it yet. Affect 6 years of active work for the PC, damn it, but I'm a traitor! :)) But the purpose of my topic is different! I want to attract people who have never sat at a PC, the concept of a switcher for which is the sound in tune with the sound of good people who need help! Believe me, it’s very cool, but at the same time it’s very difficult to completely rebuild your communication with a computer in a couple of hours. This cannot be done even after 2 weeks. You already have fun, but you still can’t automate your work for Mac. Let's do this: you will decide at your own discretion what exactly you want to convey to the switches. Be it: links, articles, tips, teachings, etc. The only condition is the template design of your answers, for quick and convenient search. Here's how it should look:

    The essence of the answer (for example: Links) is highlighted in bold and underlined!
    And highlight everything in the essence of your answer in italics, as here!

    Thanks in advance to everyone who will participate!

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