Font crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing penetrates into various unthinkable areas. Take, for example, font development. Previously, specialized companies or forcedly re-qualified designers, such as Lebedev studio employees , were engaged in this . As a result, we get either a closed product, inaccessible to the community of designers, or prohibitively expensive. The typical cost of a commercial font is around $ 30-40.

    Thank goodness now everything is changing thanks to crowdsourcing. Font design has proven to be an excellent application for the UGC concept, as the example of the online font editor and FontStruct service shows .

    FontStruct's font editor was released in April. The program, with the help of which anyone can easily and quickly create their own font, was so liked by users that in the first days of work the site could hardly cope with the load. To date, users have already drawn nearly 2,000 fonts of various types and purposes. All DIY files are absolutely free to download.

    The FontStruct graphics editor is very easy to use and designed for the only task - pixel-by-pixel drawing of fonts. The program works directly through the browser. The site has an extensive gallery of ready-made fonts. By organizing ratings, votes and comments, it is somewhat similar to YouTube.

    By the way, FontStruct is not the only catalog of free fonts on the Internet. For example, on you can find links to more than 8,000 free DIY files, which are also divided into thematic categories.

    via Slate

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