Doctor Who turned 50

    All of time and space, everything that ever happened
    or ever will - where do you want to start?

    Today, its 50th anniversary is celebrated by the longest science fiction series in the world - Doctor Who.

    Doctor Who is a British science fiction series about the adventures of a mysterious traveler in time and space, calling himself the Doctor. Moving in a small blue booth and visiting the most diverse places with his companions, the Doctor at the same time eliminates injustice wherever he finds it.

    The unique features of the series, for which he still has crowds of fans around the world, were laid down at the very beginning, back in 1963:

    • The huge universe. The creators chose all the time and space as the scene, practically without limiting the imagination of the scriptwriters.
      In addition, changing the actor who played the main character, the creators did not make him look like the previous one either externally or in character. So the idea of ​​thirteen regenerations came about, with each of which the Doctor transforms externally and internally. Thus, it became possible to change actors not only without prejudice to the series, but also allowing to reveal the personality of the main character from different angles.
    • Small budget. The cardboard scenery, which at first was a necessity, later identified many of the main ideas, turned traditions and gave rise to one of the main features of the series, which has survived to this day - the imagery of history. The blue police booth is proof of this.
    • Focus on family audience. For all its scale, the series is very kind. The doctor does not shoot crowds of enemies with a laser gun, does not tolerate weapons and manages only with his bare hands, a sonic screwdriver and inhuman arrogance.

    Many well-known and talented people managed to work on this work. So, for example, the screenwriter of the whole classic season was Douglas Adams (author of the novel “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”). One of the candidates for the role of the Doctor was Rowan Atkinson, and even played him in an official parody . The director of some episodes was Richard Curtis.

    Today, November 23 at 23:50 Moscow time on BBC One, as well as on the TV channels Carousel and NST, the anniversary episode "Doctor's Day" will be broadcast.
    A jubilee episode will also be shown in Russian cinemas ( list of cities and cinemas ).
    Anniversary Series Trailer

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