USB Power Delivery - A New Standard That Will Replace Outlets


Now in the modern world of information technology, you simply can’t do without a USB cable. Just imagine how it has become easier to charge the necessary mobile devices when there is a single standard. In the future we plan to create an interface that would be used to power more powerful than smartphones and tablets USB Power Delivery - this is the technology that is being developed to meet the needs of all

mankind.When the USB standard was created 20 years ago, few people thought about what power it could consume. Therefore, 5V is almost enough for modern powerful smartphones, cameras and other electronic devices.The purpose of USB was different: to create a universal system for charging mobile devices.

The developers claim that the first devices with a USB PD interface will be on store shelves in 2014, and by 2015 there may be a massive market conquest with USB PD devices.
The main trump card of USB PD is that with the introduction of this technology, current can be transmitted in two directions. USB PD also works well with solar panels, which is a plus for both office premises and residential buildings.

USB PD will be slightly different from the current USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, it will have additional contacts. But backward compatibility will be provided.

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