Seized in the UK parts of "the country's first printed weapons" turned out to be spare parts for a 3D printer

    Sometimes the police’s accomplishments in pursuit of the criminal world dealers turn out to be just curiosities. So, recently, the British police proudly announced that its employees seized components of a firearm printed on a 3D printer (as stated in the police report, “the first such weapon in the UK”). The seized parts were photographed and posted on the Web, along with a police report. Her experts claimed that these parts are a magazine and a trigger.

    In the United States, it seems like printing weapons is not prohibited if the owner of such weapons has carried out the printing procedure in accordance with the law (with notification to the authorities, etc.). In the UK, such activity is prohibited, and prosecuted by law. Accordingly, having identified, as was supposed, illegal details, the police already managed to name the case of the seizure of these details and the arrest of a person whose details were found to be “a serious achievement”.

    News of all this quickly spread over various resources. Users of one of these resources, Theverge, have already written in the comments that the details obtained by the police have nothing to do with weapons. These are just spare parts for the Replicator 2 printer (which was also removed, along with these ill-fated parts).

    Accordingly, as they aptly put it in the same note, "these details can only be killed if you swallow them."

    Here are photos of the parts themselves, which the police reported with such fanfare:


    And here is a model of one of the parts , which is just a spare part for the printer (and below is a photo of another “weapon part”).



    Via theverge

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