Windows Azure Backup cloud backup service available for commercial use


    The service for backing up data to the Windows Azure cloud has left the preview stage and is available for wide public use.

    Windows Azure Backup is a cloud-based solution for Windows Server that allows you to back up and restore files and folders to the cloud, providing built-in protection against data loss. The service offers IT administrators and developers the ability to backup and protect critical data and an easy way to restore it from anywhere and without the cost of hardware.

    Windows Azure Backup contains the following key features:

    Simplified configuration and management. Windows Azure Backup integrates with the familiar Windows Server Backup utility in Windows Server and with Data Protection Manager in System Center and Windows Server Essentials to offer a single backup path to disk or cloud.

    Incremental backups at the block level . The Windows Azure Backup Agent performs incremental backups based on changes in the file and changes at the block level and copies only those blocks that have been changed, which reduces traffic and storage requirements. Different versions of backups efficiently use storage space, storing only changes between blocks.

    Data compression, encryption and throttling. The Windows Azure Backup Agent encrypts and compresses data to transfer it to Windows Azure Storage. As a result, only encrypted backup data can be stored in the Windows Azure cloud. The encryption key is not available to the Windows Azure Backup service in the cloud, and as a result, the data cannot be decrypted and cannot be decrypted in the cloud service. Users of the service can also configure the function and throttling parameters and tell the service how it should utilize the network bandwidth during backup or recovery.

    Data Integrity Checked in the Cloud. In addition to secure backups, backup data is automatically checked for integrity. As a result, any data corruption that might occur during data transmission over the network is automatically detected and repaired.

    Configure policies for storing data in the cloud . The Windows Azure Backup service allows you to use policies to configure the time period after which backups must be deleted. This helps you meet corporate standards and save on storage backups.

    To familiarize yourself with the operation of the Windows Azure Backup backup service, you can read the following articles:

    The good news is that the first 5 gigabytes of archiving service are free for users. The excess will cost 16.50 r per gigabyte per month . Pricing details for the Windows Azure Backup service are listed at the following link .

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