System administrators day. How was it

    For the fourth time in the last weekend of July, the All-Russian Sysadmin Meeting takes place. The rally was organized by Mail.Ru and Softline. The organizers announced three thousand participants, by eye there were more, about a thousand. At the very first gathering of system administrators, there were 350 people, and this weekend 10 times more.
    Arriving on Friday at the rally of the system administrators at one in the morning, we set up camp in the dark with the help of flashlights and tried to find firewood in the forest at night, but found beer and new neighbors. Everyone who registered for the rally and confirmed the registration was given shirts with the main symbol of the rally - crossed out teapots.
    On Saturday morning, it all started with the admin charge. Particularly memorable are the exercises “we drive the lamer” and “the heron fighting stance to fight off the users”. Those who could withstand charging were poured kefir. Kefir after Friday was very popular, but they poured it strictly at 100 grams in one hand.
    The official opening was without long speeches, but with the kind words of the organizers and sponsors. Which was followed by the hymn of admins and the raising of the flag.
    Softline's online business development director, Roman Agafonov, beats the tambourine at the opening of the rally.

    The number of computer utensils on the meeting exceeded all possible limits. In its various variations, mice, keyboards of various prescriptions, monitors and other understandable and not very devices.
    Even the rain, which lasted 4 hours, did not bring down the mood for everyone who was on the rally, but added the chachi underfoot decently. In some places it was possible to smear ankle-deep and properly screwed.
    Here in this place I would like to note the forethought of Mail.Ru they had raincoats. By the way, it is strange that manufacturers of antiviruses did not have raincoats.
    But antiviruses had hardware-based virus destruction and hardware quarantine.

    Block sporting events.
    There are two in a clearing.
    - And what do we call the team?
    - Well, come on admins.
    - Are you a fool? Come on cucumbers!

    The traditional admin competitions for throwing mice and keyboards, raising the admin bar.
    The program also included a rock concert, burning a stuffed lamer at the admin's fire, fireworks and a disco.

    The gathering was organized at a very good level, water and firewood were delivered several times a day (have you ever seen 10 cubic meters of firewood disappear in 2 minutes in a clearing?), Doctors were constantly on duty. On the stage, feedback worked almost all the time.
    - A Samsung cell phone of such and such was found.
    - Lost cell phone Nokia N72. If you have such a phone in your pocket, please bring it to the scene.
    - Ford car keys found. Lost keys, please go to the scene, and also check the presence of your car in the parking lot.

    The most important part of any rally is its atmosphere, the mood of both the organizers and the participants. Here it is almost impossible to convey in words, but very, very “user-friendly” and “positive-maximum”. Nearly any bonfire, a guest suddenly had a mug or baklachka with beer.

    Thank you for the holiday Softline and Mail.Ru, sponsors and everyone involved in the preparation and conduct of the event. Intuition suggests that in a few years this glade will become small for everyone.
    Once again, I congratulate all the system administrators on the past holiday.
    PS Someone tell me the meaning of the phrase "High technology so high."
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