Microsoft showed Windows 8 Explorer with a tape interface

    Microsoft confirmed what unofficially became known in April: Windows Explorer 8 will have a ribbon interface - similar to that found in Office 2007.

    Microsoft explained the need for changes by the fact that only 10 functions in Explorer (out of 200) take up 81 , 8% of all its use. Therefore, the company decided to make a simpler and graphical interface that allows users to get quick access to popular functions.

    This step is also important in that it introduces the tape interface of those users who still refuse to use new versions of Office - they still have to get used to it. And the tape interface will certainly be more convenient for touch devices.

    As for the screen capacity, Microsoft claims that with the new menu taking up more space due to some optimization, Explorer will allow you to see even more files on the screen than the current Explorer in Windows 7.

    via The Next Web , Mashable

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