Today, Apple’s broadcast will be available online.

    Today will be a "special event" from Apple, it is expected that they will show us:
    1) The final version of OS X 10.9
    2) iPad with a fingerprint sensor
    3) iPad mini with Retina / sensor
    4) Start of sales Mac Pro A
    new one is also possible Apple TV and other products.

    But the most interesting thing is that the broadcast will be broadcast worldwide in Live Stream .
    Inside is a list of "where to look," a chronology.

    The reason why this particular event will be broadcast to the whole world (and not the announcement of the iPhone 5S / 5C) is a mystery, the last broadcast was during testing of the iCloud data center (rumored) .

    Let's hope that today we’ll be shown not just a standard line update, but One more thing .

    Where to look?

    I remind you that it will begin at 21:00 Moscow time.

    Apple tv
    The broadcast can be seen on the Apple TV - everyone already has the following application:

    Any other devices
    In Russian - video broadcast:

    In English video broadcast:

    In Russian text broadcast: .htm + Audio

    in English text Broadcast:

    If you know more resources - write in the comments.

    A bit off topic: Prices for iPhone 5S / 5C from one of the operators became known

    ICloud package in iCloud hints at an early update, Apple Store is disabled

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