3CX Develops WebRTC-based Video Conferencing Solution

    3CX acquired a proven web conferencing technology from the Italian e-works company, which will be integrated into the 3CX Phone System. Compatible with 3CX Phone System technology should provide the user with one-piece functionality, including the possibility of sharing the desktop and providing remote support , video conferencing and many other options available in a few clicks.


    An easy-to-use, innovative solution with open standards

    The need for a low-cost web conferencing solution that has open standards and integrates into the telephone system is clear: a study by Infonetics identified the need for a PBX-based web conferencing technology. Companies need an effective and economical solution, without the need to learn new features that would provide a way to increase the efficiency of multimedia communications that do not require the expansion of existing infrastructure.

    3CX: revolutionary WebRTC video conferencing solution

    3CX server technology for web conferencing will be fully compliant with the new WebRTC standard, allowing users to participate in conferences without installing any client software. An innovative feature allows you to overcome existing problems with patents and those solutions in the field of web conferencing that are tightly linked to client programs.

    WebRTC, supported by Google and other developers, is rapidly gaining strength and setting new, revolutionary standards in communications.

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