Sites getting ready for blocking: IPv6, I2P

    I, as the owner of Anti-Ban (a service to bypass sites blocked by Roskomnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor and Federal Drug Control Service), often look from where users visit this site. Recently, I began to notice traffic from torrent trackers and warez sites. Many of them have information on bypassing locks in case the site gets into the registry or is already in it. Some of the sites not only offer users to use proxies, but also do something on their side, promoting more advanced and, often, user-friendly technologies to the masses.

    One of the largest trackers in the country has long been completely available (the site and the tracker itself) is accessible via IPv6 (it is worth saying that no one authorized to add sites to the registry of authorities can access the IPv6-only site, and only IPv4 addresses get into the registry), and now made a mirror in I2P: nnm-club.i2p . The mirror works in test mode, and, in general, everything works. Now the tracker has moved to the new address , and on the old one there is an instruction on bypassing locks and all messages from the forum in the topic on bypassing locks that users write.

    Fairly old and large warez and news portal. Invites users to use the fri-gate extension (something like anti-ban, only the extension), IPv6 or Tor. IPv6 is configured through Hurricane Electric.

    invites users to use proxy auto-tuning using the Immunicity service .

    refers to several instructions on bypassing locks, including a fairly extensive overview on habrahabr .

    I’ll add from myself: configure IPv6 in your home. This is quite simple to do, many methods are described on the website , and this gives only advantages!

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