September 7, Ekaterinburg - mitap for .NET developers

    Hi, Habr!

    We decided to organize the next mitap. This time - in Yekaterinburg and for .NET-developers.

    As part of the mitap, our guys will talk about what is being done on .NET and C # at Alfa Bank, talk about the development as a whole and tell about our developer community.

    Also among the speakers is a colleague from SKB Kontur.

    Subjects of reports and the link to registration - under a cat.

    19: 30–20: 10 - Past, present and future C #

    Igor Mamai, SKB Kontur

    We use C # as a tool for solving our daily tasks. However, for a programmer, language is a way to express one’s thoughts. Sometimes he helps us in this, sometimes it interferes. I propose to look around and see what stages C # has gone through in the past, take a look at how it is now, in what direction it is developing. And, of course, we will discuss C # 8.0, which has not yet come out, and we will discuss its new features.

    20: 30–21: 10 - Implementation of gRPC in C #

    Ivan Patudin, Alfa-Bank

    A couple of years ago, Google released a cross-platform framework for RPC. This is especially interesting in the context of the fact that with the advent of cross-platform .NET Core we cannot create services on WCF. Let's take a closer look at this thing, and the features of its implementation in C # and the .NET platform as a whole.

    21: 30–22: 00 - What do they forget to say about .NET Core

    Arthur Mukminov, Alfa-Bank

    .NET Core is a relatively new development from Microsoft. About which a lot of things have already been said, but sometimes they forget to say about the pitfalls.

    We start on September 7 at 19:00, address - st. March 8, 51

    In between reports, of course, coffee, tea and pizza.

    Participation is free, the main thing is to register .

    Well, if you are not from Yekaterinburg (or from Yekaterinburg, but do not have time or do not want to go anywhere) - on the day of the mitap we will launch an online broadcast.

    By the way, we now have such vacancies in Yekaterinburg .

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