(A | a) architecture: why is it a non-standard metap for developers of high-load systems

    We have long sought to be as open as possible and share our experience, though not always perfect. This helps not only to find bottlenecks in its development, but also to try something new.

    And if in the text format we are not the first time telling stories from the development, now we decided to organize a mitap in September together with friends from DevGAMM, where we will disassemble architecture in real terms in a global sense - from system solutions and applications to architectural patterns and styles. And this time we decided to move away from the traditional style of “mitap”, so only 222 selected invitees, topical issues and cool networking at the mitap (A | a) architecture .

    And for those who are interested - under the cut FAQ and details.

    What are they talking about?

    They decided to devote the track of the reports to the design and scaling of distributed systems, the analysis of errors in the development of successful projects, tools and more.

    The grid of reports is as follows:

    • KISS principle in development and why the main thing is to determine what is not to be done;
    • seamless deploy for 500 servers worldwide without downtime;
    • the practice of using the actor model in the Quake Champions backend platform;
    • how to build development so that changes in the client's game logic appear on the server automatically (and vice versa);
    • future Unity technologies and how they allow you to achieve a new level of gaming performance;
    • using Consul to scale stateful services;
    • architecture of the meta-server mobile online shooter Tacticool;
    • how to cope with blocking and disconnection of data centers in 2018;
    • using BDD scripts for load testing the product;
    • and not only.

    The full schedule can be viewed on our website .

    Who performs?

    We gathered our friends and colleagues from Sperasoft, BIT.GAMES, Unity, 1C Game Studios, PanzerDog, ALICE Platform with relevant experience that will be of interest to most developers of distributed systems.

    Among the speakers:

    • Ivan Bubnov, DevOps, BIT.GAMES;
    • Valentin Simonov, Field Engineer, Unity;
    • Sergey Zhdanov, CTO, Pixonic;
    • Pavel Platto, Lead Software Engineer, PanzerDog;
    • Timur Tulyaganov, Head of DevOps, Pixonic;
    • Kirill Volkov, Head of Server Development, Pixonic;
    • Egor Panov, System Administrator, Pixonic;
    • Anton Grigoriev, Deputy Technical Officer, Pixonic;
    • Konstantin Gladyshev, Lead Game Programmer, 1C Game Studios;
    • Anton Kosyakin, Technical Product Manager, ALICE Platform.

    What about the rest?

    We decided to be confused and do not only great networking, but catering, which will be non-standard for events of this type. Several hidden prizes ( look for Easter eggs, cool prizes ), and after the reports - a cozy bar for all participants, to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Okay, how much is it?

    Participation for all is free, but the number of places had to be limited to 222 people. Our goal is to make the event really useful for developers of high-load systems, so it is likely that it will not work to accommodate everyone.

    Therefore, feel free to register, and invitations will come to the specified mail within 3 business days.

    Registration by reference .

    Where and when to go?

    September 22, from 10:00 and until afterparty.

    Address: Moscow, Prospect Mira, 36, Accord Hall, main entrance.

    Specially chose a place to make it easier to get, so from the subway to go only 1 minute from m. Prospekt Mira.

    And I have more questions.

    Write in the comments or on conference@pixonic.com. And see you on the spot!

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