The announcement of the webinar. Development of Windows Phone / .NET applications on the Backendless platform

    Backendless allows you to develop applications twice as fast, offering service APIs and fault-tolerant, scalable server infrastructure, ready to work from the very start.

    The webinar is dedicated to API Backendless, which are available for Windows Phone and .NET clients. Developers creating Windows Phone or .NET applications will see a detailed overview of the platform’s functionality and how to use it in .NET development.

    We invite everyone to a one-hour webinar, where we will show with specific examples how to launch your ready-made backend for a mobile or desktop application for free . In the review:
    • support for application versioning;
    • management (+ authentication) of users;
    • relational data;
    • push notifications (+ publish / subscribe messages);
    • content storage;
    • geolocation;
    • and much more.

    Date and time: Tuesday - August 6, 22:00 Moscow time. Register here .

    (To connect, use the link that will come to you after registration.)

    Make sure that you can develop the application without boring tasks by downloading and checking the SDK for WinPhone / .Net in advance . We are waiting for everyone at the webinar with prepared questions.

    Requests on the topic (and off topic) leave in the comments or send to

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