ORANGEMAN: new distribution of servers, results and plans for the future



    In the last post, I asked you to vote and choose the most worthy applicants for our servers. Habr is strict, but fair. Hardly anyone can argue with the resulting voting results .

    In this post, I will summarize the distribution of our servers with a photo report, talk about the new incredible distribution of blade servers (!) And plans for the future.

    Let's start from the end. With plans for the future.

    Neither I nor my colleagues could have imagined that there is such a demand for equipment. Moreover, 95% are not freebie seekers, but real enthusiasts, people who work for the idea, do everything possible to solve pressing problems. It doesn’t matter if they work on their project, work in a rural school or in a research institute. All of them do important things and are very limited in resources.

    We distributed two dozen servers, which is great. But this is a drop in the ocean. It's just nothing, zero. The real need for equipment is hundreds, if not thousands of times more. We rejected many applications because people didn’t even need a powerful industrial server; a regular computer the year before last would be enough to solve problems. They also need help.

    I am sure that there are many companies in which old servers and computers gather dust and will never be used.

    I am sure that there are many people, like me and you, like many of our friends and acquaintances who have an old computer in the closet and are waiting in the wings to go to the trash.

    I am sure that in all, even the most remote corners of the country, there are those who can give old iron and those who really need it for business.

    My colleagues and I decided to unite and launch the ORANGEMAN initiative.
    Let's give our old iron a new life!
    Join us!

    Orange Dude -> Orangeman


    Orangeman now has a logo, two communities: VK and Facebook, and even a mailing list ( you can subscribe to updates here ).

    Sorting thousands of applications for receiving servers via mail was an almost impossible task. Therefore, we consulted and figured out how to build work more efficiently so that we could attract a much larger number of distributions and participants.

    I am waiting for letters from everyone who is willing to share the equipment at . Information about your distributions will be posted in the specified communities. In the comments for each distribution, you can and should submit applications for receipt. The distributor himself decides to whom he considers it necessary to give his iron.

    From time to time, a post with the results of distributions and photo reports from Orangeman activists will be published on Habré.

    Join now! Nothing will work without you!

    I present to you the first Orangeman activists - SKB Kontur

    Before writing this post, I talked with our partners and friendly companies. I was looking for those who will support us and conduct the next distribution of servers.
    The first to respond were friends from SKB Kontur . Company profile on Habré .

    SKB Kontur has been a federal software developer since 1988. The company employs more than 2000 specialists who are able to find practical solutions to the most complex problems. That is why every fourth enterprise in the country uses SKB Kontur software products.

    The guys from Contour want to give in good hands ... (drum roll)

    1. HP Server Blade

    HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure (16 x ProLiant BL460 Server with Xeon E5345 QuadlCore)
    A total of 16 blades. Blade configuration: ProLiant BL460c G1, Xeon 2.33GHzQC / 2x4Mb, 6GB RAM PC2-5300, 2 * 146GB 10K SFF SAS 2.5 "



    Naturally, the whole system is given in one lot. The
    applicant must understand that this is a weighty 10U piece for rack mounting.
    Power supplies are rated at 7.5 kW, but 3 kW should be enough from experience. The
    equipment is in _Moscow_.

    Please leave requests in the comments on this post or in our groups: VK , Facebook .

    2. HP rx8640 server

    HP rx8640, 16core HP Bundle Montecito 1.6GHz / 18MB (Itanium), 128GB RAM
    ATTENTION! This is Itanium . We look at the photo.


    This “refrigerator” installed under the blades is actually very hot.

    This is a serious serious thing. Height 17U, depth for installation in a rack 1 m.
    Power supplies are designed for 7.5 kW, but according to the experience of using 3 kW is enough. This server, along with the blades from the first point in the peak, have never consumed more than 6 kW for two.
    The equipment is in _Moscow_.

    Please leave requests in the comments on this post or in our groups: VK , Facebook .

    I really hope that these pieces of iron will find a worthy application! Please tell your friends about this distribution so that the information reaches people who need more computing power.

    Many thanks to our friends SKB Kontur for the decision to support Orangeman! This is a good example for all of us.

    And for dessert - a photo report on the results of the distribution of servers.

    Here you see: the number of votes, the new server host and serial number in the vote.

    357 - Sechenov Academy of the Clinic for Obstetrics and Gynecology. [# 15]
    Must pick up the server the other day.

    302 - Department of one of the leading medical universities in the country (asked not to indicate in the post). [# 9]

    232 - Pulkovo Observatory. [# 19]

    170 - Institute of Protein. [# 55]

    169 - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. [# 16]
    Have not had time to pick up.

    139 - Laboratory of non-crystalline state physics at VGPU. [# 1]

    133 - Enthusiast. Visually impaired, programmer, administrator. [# 28]
    Have not had time to pick up.

    126 - Rural school, Kursk region, city of Lgov. [# 37]

    124 - School in a rural settlement of the Volgograd region. [# 34]
    Need help with delivery to Volgograd.

    101 - A circle of robotics based on several schools. [# 43]
    Have not had time to pick up.

    95 - Taganrog Radio Engineering University. Faculty of Radio Engineering. [# 12]
    Not yet had time to pick up.

    95 - Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences. [# 23]
    Have not had time to pick up.

    92 - Enthusiast: Neural Networks. [# 47]

    91 - The library, the city of Klin. [# 10]

    87 - Municipal Health Institution “Children's City Polyclinic No. 8” in Saratov. [# 45]

    65 - Institute of General Physics, RAS, Department of Plasma Physics. [# 54]

    64 - BU Novocheboksarsk medical center of the MOH. [# 24]
    Not yet had time to pick up.

    64 - Enthusiast: developer of a speech recognition and speech synthesis system. [# 29]
    They took it today, did not manage to process the photo for the release of the post.

    61 - Center for Children's Computer Creativity "Care". [# 25]
    Have not had time to pick up.

    57 - Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Chelyabinsk State University. [# 42]

    54 - MIPT, department "Systems, devices and methods of geocosmic physics". [# 8]

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote!

    Join Orangeman!

    We give new life to the old iron!

    By the way! I will be at the System Administrators rally (DSA) near Kaluga from July 24 to 28 . If you want to discuss our project over a cup of tea or offer cooperation as an iron donor, I can be caught in the famous Gorod'0k camp for the whole meeting . I ask you in advance not to bring gift iron to the rally, because there is not enough space in the backpack :)

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