New Facebook statistics: 1.32 billion users, 30% accessed only from the phone


    Facebook reported for the second quarter of this year, and one fact is becoming more and more obvious: Facebook has become a mobile company, writes The Verge. The social network receives 62% of advertising revenue from mobile users - a rather drastic change for a company that had no mobile advertising at all two years ago.

    At the same time, of the 1.32 billion people who use Facebook every month, 399 million - about a third - come only from phones. It is worth noting that the monthly user base of Facebook grew by 14% compared to last year, while the mobile user base grew even more - by 31%. According to Mark Zuckerberg, US users spend more than 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

    In the second quarter, Facebook announced $ 2.91 billion in revenue and 42 cents per share, ahead of Wall Street's expectations ($ 2.81 billion in revenue and 32 cents per share). Compared to last year, Facebook’s revenue grew by about 60%, and its profit more than doubled. You also cost Facebook more than ever: an average user revenue of $ 2.24 worldwide. If we take the average value for American users, this amount is $ 6.44.

    After spending $ 19 billion on WhatsApp last quarter, Facebook slowed down a bit, but still runs at full capacity in the mobile space. Facebook's news feed, its main advertising asset, is becoming increasingly dense. Increasingly, brands are finding that users don’t see their message unless they pay for it.

    According to eMarketer, by the end of the year Facebook will occupy 9.5% of the US digital advertising market. “As the organic reach of brands reaches new lows, Facebook’s transition from a social marketing platform to an ordinary advertising platform is almost complete,” says Melissa Parrish of Forrester. “But now this is an advertising platform without many compelling branding opportunities. Video advertising in the news feed can solve this problem - but only if users are willing to watch ads. ”

    Facebook’s attention to the mobile industry is only gaining momentum. In January of this year, Facebook for the first time received more than half of its revenue from mobile advertising. After a few months, 59% of the company's revenue came from phones. This month - already 62%. When Facebook went public IPO a little more than two years ago, the company did not get a penny from the mobile business. Two years later, the feed on mobile Facebook was filled with lucrative advertising posts, buttons for installing apps, and auto-play videos. More than a billion people use Facebook on mobile devices every month, and this trend seems to only increase.

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