Corning develops anti-bacterial and anti-glare screen

    The creators of Gorilla Glass are developing a new anti-reflective and antibacterial glass. The new development was introduced by Corning Vice President Jeffrey Evenson at the MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit 2013.

    “Corning is working on glass that can fight bacteria and viruses,” Evenson said from the scene. The company began working on antimicrobial technology for the medical industry, but then realized that the market for such glass is much wider.

    The first photo shows the work of the new antibacterial glass Corning, compared with the usual. And this, of course, is good news for all of us - studies show that there are more bacteria on cell phones than on the toilet seat, kitchen table or doorknob.

    Evenson says Corning is developing an anti-glare screen that can greatly reduce the problem of mobile devices in the sun. In the second photograph, the center is not a hole at all - this is the new Corning glass.

    “It will greatly, greatly simplify work in the sun,” says Evenson.

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