Briefly about the new: Samsung launches the world's first smartphone based on advanced LTE-A networks - GALAXY S4 LTE-A

    At the end of June, Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the new GALAXY S4 LTE-A smartphone, which will change the generally accepted standards for the speed of exchanging information, playing streaming multimedia content, downloading applications and working in the web browser of a mobile device.

    Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE-A (model number SHV-E330S) was the first commercially available smartphone with support for the advanced mobile standard LTE-Advanced. Samsung was originally one of the most proactive players in the global rollout of fourth-generation networks. The first milestone was the launch of a mobile phone slider with a QWERTY keyboard called Samsung Craft back in 2010. A year later, the first LTE smartphone in the world appeared, and last year Samsung became a pioneer in the implementation of voice calls in the 4th generation VoLTE networks, which could be tested on the GALAXY S III LTE smartphone.

    The advanced LTE-A communication standard allows mobile devices to operate at a higher data transfer rate (up to 150 Mbps) - in fact, it is equivalent to double the capabilities of LTE networks, and the bandwidth of 3G networks exceeds tenfold. To date, such a network has been deployed only in the capital of South Korea - Seoul, and the connection to it is carried out exclusively by the operator SK Telecom. As part of the LTE service subscription, SK Telecom offers its customers IPTV with Full HD streaming video, a music service with online broadcasting of songs in the FLAC format, a number of sports programs and free video services.

    Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE-A was the first sign of a new generation of mobile networks, but by the end of this year, the Korean operator promises to offer users six more smartphones with support for LTE-Advanced. In addition to Korea, 84 megacities around the world are already in the queue for the deployment of the new network standard.

    The smartphone itself is practically no different from the flagship prototype of the Samsung GALAXY S4: the main difference lies in the processor, which is equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (quad-core CPU Krait 400 with a frequency of 2.3 GHz + GPU Adreno 330). The weight of the device has increased by as much as a gram. All other specifications remained intact.

    Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE-A will appear in the Korean market in the second half of summer in two colors - blue (Blue Arctic) and red (Red Aurora). Official sources are still silent about the rest of the world and Russia.

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