The duck was printed on a 3D printer with a prosthetic leg

    Not so long ago, I published the news about a bald eagle , which was printed on a 3D printer with the missing part of the beak, which allowed it to lead an almost normal lifestyle. As for the new story, here we are talking about a duck without a paw (or rather, a duck with a paw deformed from birth). The duck’s name is Buttercup, and she’s very lucky that the bird hatched from the egg during the rapid development of 3D printing technology.

    The history of the duck itself is traced from birth (or rather, hatching). Even then, it became clear that the duckling could not walk normally due to the deformation of one of the limbs. After a while, the bird became famous on the Web, in many respects, thanks to its “dad”, who even started a Facebook page for his pet.

    The owner of the bird immediately began to look for a way to restore the duck's limb, and found it. It was decided to create a prosthetic paw on a 3D printer, which they did after a series of trial and error. The task was handled by NovaCopy. It took a little effort to “tweak” the prosthesis, and now the former disabled nestling, who had already become an adult, was finally able to walk normally.

    Here is a video of the bird’s first steps:

    Via gizmodo

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