Rebranding ebaytoday> shopotam

    Well-known overseas shopping service has announced a change in its name to

    Over the 4 years of its existence, eBayToday has established itself as a convenient and reliable intermediary service. Popular among the avid users of online stores, eBayToday grew and developed, delighted customers with a variety of products and the effective work of a support service.

    The fantastic success of the project is due to the coordinated work of the team, which consists of employees in several countries of the world. At the moment, the service boasts 1,700,952 users and 1,450,982 completed purchases.

    EbayToday has expanded its scope of activities to such an extent that it now helps with shopping in almost any online store in the USA, UK, Germany, Europe and China (10,862 foreign stores in total). So it's time to change the name, which has a direct association with eBay, to a new one. And this does not affect the operation of the service. ShopoTam continues to deliver your purchases from all over the world, and this is about 16,488 parcels per month! is an experienced online shopping service with a high level of customer service.

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